Friday, February 17

The skewed reality of military life.

You may have seen themes like this popping up on Facebook and I find them hilarious. Let's join in...

It's all about perception.

You mean Mr. Wookie doesn't Captain a ship as an English Naval Officer??? Not that I like Russell Crowe (he seems...dirty), but that's a GREAT movie. Shouldn't everyone be a Lord Nelson fan also!?!?

Considering a lot of our friends are military (strange how civilian friends can whittle their way out of your life?), I'd hope most know what Mr. Wookie actually does...considering many are in the air community also. But the few SWOs (Surface Warefare Officers) we know may not have a clue what he does, and that's okay. I mean, they totally drive the boat, right? ;)

And while I'd love to be whisked away in my dress, so pretty much gravity makes the back of the dress hang down so my ass is just welcome for peering eyes...I'm pretty sure I wasn't working in a iPad factory like Officer & A Gentleman. Instead I was freshly 19 and meeting this meek boy from Louisiana (OMG, please tell me you haven't married your cousin before??) and we'd have lunch dates (and a few dinner dates - face it, we weren't rich in college) at the college eateries and usually hang in for dinner. That and the boy can cook! Plus he lived in the dorms. Unless I wanted to deal with his weird roommate, the sluts down the hall, and the sound of porn coming through random doors...we skeedaddled to my place.

But I'll give Mr. Wookie complete credit. He wanted to be an aviator. And he is.

Now he's spending his time as NAS Practicing Defending Freedom racking up his "sortie completions." Babe, what the heck is that? "It's a completed operation flight." Oh...why not just call it that!??!! You say 'sortie,' and I think 'shortie' and that you'll be rapping T-Pain with an autotune mic.

Although Wednesday night did make my day with a Google Chat session. It was over 2 hours! Somehow he de-briefed early enough to make it "home" (the lovely BOQ) for a reasonably-hour'd dinner and to power up his laptop to chat with his favorite lady. EEEEEeeeeeeek! Oh the little things that make my heart skip beats. That and when the wine bottle drips empty.

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  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Mr. Wookie is from Louisiana? There are some pretty awesome people from Louisiana. Like me.

    And that's all I gathered in this post.

    Ok, not really. My husband is in supply in the AF, and I tell people he is responsible for ordering the windshield wipers and headlights for the C-130s. Totally legit, right?