Wednesday, February 29

Pitchen' a tent in the bedroom.

What I wanted was a package on the doorstep. Well...I got that. But it wasn't for me. Wah wah.

Instead, it was for Mr. Wookie. For months, he's been looking for an "ultra light" camping tent that fits his budget and requirements for low poundage, duel doors, sleeps 2, and a color other than green and yellow. ;) I even looked at Christmas time for the poor boy, but all I found was $$$$$ and that's not the way Christmas should be spent. Instead, I got him a sleeping bag and called it good.

Remember this shot from Christmas??

Please do not pay attention to the pile of laundry in the foreground, the pile of shit on the bed,...just the piles of stuff everywhere. Mmmmkay?? We've been busy....thanks!

Apparently massive Googling efforts later, he found a 40% off coupon code for a $400 tent. So while it was technically $20 "over budget," sometimes your dreams are too cheap for what you want to happen. Now we have this beauty of a 3-lb tent ready for backpacking along the Sierra Nevadas, Las Padres National Park, and any place else that needs one gorilla and one lesbian to grace its presence.

Yes, California is technically an all-season camping location, although there's something to be said about 40-degree nights (yes, I know.....y'all in places where 40-degree highs are scoffing at me right now!). I don't like frigid camping. Those outings are better left to men with hair on their peaches and the ability to not bitch at being cold. I will complain that I'm cold, will refuse to drink more hot chocolate because that'll just make me have to pee. And peeing while camping is NOT glamorous. Because that's a lot of skin real estate to expose to take a leak in nature - and the temporary warmth of pissing myself will only make me cry as my crotch freezes for the night. And no one likes an ice crotch.


  1. i read this post at work. not a good idea as i lauged OUT LOUD and really didn't feel comfortable explaining to co-workers that i blurted out "HA!" b/c i read the phrase "ice crotch". but thanks for the giggle. ;)

  2. Um, imagine my disappointment to find out this post was about real tents after reading the title. I am so thankful OccDoc has never, ever been camping (although he argues his deployment was technically 'camping') and has no desire to start.