Tuesday, July 27

Apparently I'm that blogger who gets an award, does the little dance, but brainfarts posting about it.

In the commotion of being on vacation (I missed the blogger scene  big time), coming back to reality, announcing we're moving, and now getting into the final week of work, I've FAILED big time in posting that I received a blog award a few weeks ago.  Yay me!  Pompons and Lady Liberties!

But I'm here, a little late, and am obviously jazzed to talk about myself.  Oh wait, I blog already...so does that mean I'm narcissistic or just extra good at talking about myself?  Or both??

This fantastical award came from a specific NavyGirl of Marrying the Navy.  She's from that cheese-producing state of Wisconsin, stationed in the PacNorthwest anchor of Washington (jealous), has a creative bone bigger than my femur (double jealous).  No really, I get creative by putting a lemon in my vodka tonic...or a sword of maraschino cherries in a rum 'n coke.  She can cure cancer with her Christmas cards only.  And because I'm the mood that I'm in, I'll hawk her Etsy shop too.  (NavyGirl, you can totally thank me later).  My Etsy shop would include you coming over, us cracking open a bottle of Merlot, a jar of glitter, artificial testicles, and a Lance Armstrong ad.  If we come out without our fingers glued to wine glasses, we've succeeded.  Who's signing up?

Now the rules:  Talk about myself List 3 things I love about myself...

1.  I love that the traveling bug has official hit the Sheriff.  It was my Dad's first time to Europe, and from our conversation yesterday on my drive home, it won't be his last.  Maybe I should get that "Caution: USA Driver" magnet for him for Christmas...

2.)  I love and am thankful for JCPenney's and their suit selection that helped me survive an East Coast ultra-conservative office experience.  Without their ample array of under-$75 suits, I'd be jobless.  Okay, not really...but I definitely didn't want to pay Nordstrom's prices for something I wasn't eager to wear in the first place.  Because have you ever worn a suit?  For more than just a job interview?  I'm not a fan.  Too hot.  Too anti-Casual Friday.  I really should have studied Enviro Science and been a Park Ranger.  But you live, you learn...

3.)  I love that we're moving to California.  Sometimes I have to talk myself into this PCS while other days I'm ecstatic we're moving.  And all I want to do is play the OC theme song, "California, here we come..."

.....then pass it along to 5 people!

In no particular order, these people light up my day...or night, depending on when they hit Publish.

1.) Ashley at the Accidental Olympian.  I don't remember how I stumbled upon her blog, but I did.  We were familiar stories.  Oh, what's this???  A pink slip...I love pink. WAIT, WHAT????  And now we're BFFs.  Okay, not really.  But I'm ready to camp out on her front lawn, next to the random flower bushes that pop up so she can take me fishing.  She may think I'm joking...

2.) Mommy McD at McDaniel Family Circus. Umm, her kids are cute shit, she loves getting pedicures with me, and they own wine glasses.  What's not to love?  Besides the fact I'm moving back across the country and will only experience her children when I call and they're shrieking in the background. Like they did today.

3.) Karen at My Goal is Simple.  This girl is awesome.  Although dealing with a lovely deployment currently, she takes it out on wine.  I like people like this.  Her son is also STINKIN' adorable.  And she's a fellow fell-for-a-ROTC-boy romance.  Plus she likes to find errors in other people's writing.  Yay, I'm not alone.

Oh, and don't let me forget...Ashley at Accidental Olympian likes wine thrice.  I guess I just surround myself with good people.  And good livers.  :)

4.) JG at Me And My SoldierMan.  Another blogger who excites me whenever she posts, especially about her feelings and moods with their recent PCS, because I know I will be in that same boat very, very soon.  She loves all things Disney and she rocks short hair.  We may be driving I-40 through Oklahoma, so I'll definitely wave at your peoples.  And I wonder if she likes wine...?

5.)  I'm going to open this up to readers.  Who am I not reading?  Please, let me know.  Who busts your nuts?  Or spleen?  Who will tear my innards to pieces?  Let me know!  I'm waiting on you.  Don't disappoint me.  And yes, they have to like wine.  Or at least grape juice.


  1. Haha. Thanks for the award. Although, you make me sound terribly boring, but I suppose that is okay. I must say, my cork collection this deployment isn't too shabby. And I am sure this goes without saying but I love your blog. The only thing I love more than wine is beer.

  2. Oh no! You're not boring! I'm so sorry. :( (I had to add a disclaimer now.)

    But I guess it makes me boring if I like watching planes at the airport too. Who am I kidding? I love people watching from Starbucks. I love being lame. :D

  3. Screw that, I totally rewrote you.

  4. I used to love JCPenney's too, but last time I was there I had horrible customer service that may or may not have resulted in my slamming a pair of flip flops down on the counter and very loudly proclaiming, "No, I will NOT be buying these! I will NEVER shop here again!" So now it's a matter of pride. No more JCP for me... at least, no more JCP in Augusta.

  5. Ya, that sounds like me and Macy's in my area. I usually like Macy's. Norfolk = I-swear-cockroaches-ran-wild. Not like I'm expecting Saks...but come on, really??

    We'll see how JCP is in Ventura. :-/

    (Let's hope I don't have to wear suits anymore!)

  6. I seem to remember a VERY creative ging who yoinked me to Joann's in order to "bedazzle" my boot. There's a streak in there. It just happens to be a fashionably small one. Like Stacy London's grey...

  7. Awww, thanks for the shout-out and the blatant Etsy Shop hawking ;) I love it, and your description of my crafting skills both amused (and totally exaggerated!).

    You might like Peas and Thank You (peasandthankyou.com). She's a super funny vegan mommy blogger, which doesn't sound a whole lot like you, except I think she's a hippie at heart, and some of her recipes look amazingly tasty.

  8. DUDE I suck at life for taking this long to thank you for adding me to the list!

    You kick ass, thanks for including me.