Saturday, July 31

How do I feel today? Unemployed.

It's been 15 hours since I walked out of the office.  I locked all the cabinets behind me.  Took my lunch from the fridge.  Packed up the great "farewell gift" I got from my team.  Clocked out at 44.5 hours on the week.  And left knowing there was a margarita in my future about 15 minutes from there.

Apparently they were tired of hearing me complain about how I didn't have one.

It was surreal leaving that place.  I got on the elevator down...knowing I'm done here.

No more events, no more long hours, no more smiling and laughing at work, no more post-work drinks with my team, no more Halloweens with them,...just no more.

The margarita at 5:30pm numbed my thought process...thank goodness...because I have a tendency to over-think things and I didn't want to deal with that now.  I had a hard enough time Thursday night.  Maybe that's why I threw myself into making sure I had the best training manual I could write up.  Writing makes me focus.  So with that I wouldn't realize the scary situation that I'm dealing with.  I've never worked at a place where it pained me so much to leave.  My inner hopes and dreams that we could possible stay in the Norfolk area, get the house, live in the San Franciscan area, and have a backyard for dogs...vanished.  We're not getting that.

We're getting a roadtrip to California.

But I have to focus on what's next.  I can't dwell in the the now.

We'll celebrate 7 years together this fall.  I'm thinking a weekend in L.A.  But who knows what Mr. Wookie has up his sleeve.  He's sneaky and crafty like that.

I'll miss it here.  Everything we've had.  It's been great, minus the dis-repaired roads.  I loved a lot of it, minus the humidity.  I feel spoiled sometimes, especially how great the day was for the Shamrock Half Marathon.  I wouldn't mind coming back, but Mommy McD better still be in Northern Virginia.

It hasn't been bad, Virginia.  I've learned a lot.  Like how to road rage like an East Coaster. :)  But you still need to learn how to recycle like a badass.


  1. Hahaha, that's the spinner we have! The east coast (ie - me and the boys) will miss you. You make it a better place.

  2. California roads are shit. Beware :(

  3. Haha...Kerb, well we're used to shit out here. Pot holes galore. Any improvement is accepted!

  4. Haha! Well, don't count on Arnie...he's also shit. LOL!