Friday, July 9

Live from Scotland, Readers!

So our internet in places is very spotty, and muy slow, so uploading photos takes longer than the annual whale migration up the BWest Coast.  Sorry about that.  Just know I still love you.

But our trip is continuing into the second week of fun as we're trying to squeeze in all the activities on our list for the rest of our stops.

I'm already sold on a return trip with Mr. Wookie (this was explained in my email to him last night) sometime in the next couple years.  It's love over here.

And I won't even go into the quantity of Gings.  They're EVERYWHERE!

I'm so home.  So if you don't hear from me until I've returned, just know I'm contemplating a transfer to the Royal Navy for Mr. Wookie.  Because signing off each blogpost with "Cheerio!" is just too cool.

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