Thursday, July 29

I survived the storm, but will I weather the move?

This was written just as the power was going out last night.  The storm was pretty brutal.  Over 3-5 inches of rain in my area.  This was definitely a fun one.  But here's what I didn't get to post last night.

When I first lost my job back in Oregon, back last year, I felt like my soul was crushed.  I felt like my power had been taken away.  Here I was, a military single lady making good money and showing off my skills.  But once my flag was mutilated with a “we won’t be needing you,” I deflated almost immediately.

I don’t have that same tune this time around.

I’m sitting here by the big street-side windows watching the rain fell.  Yes, I’ve had a cocktail.  But that’s because Mr. Wookie told me I should (not like it’s peer pressure or anything).  I’m just watching the rain fall.  The storm outside is something fierce.  On my drive home I hydroplaned plenty and washed out a few times.  I think my butt puckered. Twice.

Now I’m home, and the internet’s gone out.  I’m just waiting for power to fail.  I hope my dinner can finish in the oven first.  I’m looking forward to eating.  It’s a classic.  Since we’re moving oh-so-soon, I decided to pull out a casserole made by my mother.  Last December.  Yes, it’s been in the freezer this whole time.  So we’ll see if it kills me.  But if not, then I know that I can survive anything.

I used to think when it rained that God was crying.  I came upon this revelation in elementary school.  I lived in Southern Oregon then, so God only cried a few times a year.  Thank goodness I lost that piece of knowledge come college.  Because God was crying 74% of the year.  Maybe this is how some people feel that God is female.  She’s obviously hormonal and in need of heavenly chocolate.  St. Peter should be fired, since he can’t pick up the clues.

This storm reminds me of the snow storm of 2004.  Mr. Wookie and I were barely a few months together when a rampaging storm hit Northern Oregon.  We had a massive 6 inches of snow.  And thermometers were clustering near 30 degrees.  I debating slaughtering the dog next door to stay warm.  It was debilitating cold.  And we didn’t see each other for 3 days because a dog sled team couldn’t even cross the distance of ¾ of a mile.  I don’t know how we survived that time, but we did.  I think that’s when I knew I loved him.  When he decided to not risk his life to visit me.  True love I tell you.

So I’ll tell you now that Mr. Wookie’s stuck not at home.  And I don’t know when he’ll be back.  But I do know he’s in good company.  He’s stuck at the bar.  And if weather doesn’t let up, I expect he’ll stay the night.  Can’t risk his life, mind you.  We have orders to respect.  And California to move to.

And tomorrow finalizes the decision I made so-very-long-ago.  The decision to give a ROTC boy a chance.  That we would make it beyond one Spring Ball.  To graduating college together.  To him moving away for Flight School.  To joining him after so long apart.  To making a home together.  And now to moving our lives back West, and experiencing what makes the Navy the choice of a lifetime.

I’m never shy with my emotions with him.  My heart’s on my sleeve.  He knows I worry about the move.  Where will we live?  What will I do?  What will change?  I go to sleep each night just thanking my lucky stars I have such a sane counterpart.  And the solid notion that many a couples before have navigated this path.  I’m just one of the chosen ones.  This must mean I’m special.

I wonder when the short bus will be pick me up?

End note:  The casserole was delicious.  I ate half.  The other half is lunch today.  Mmmmm...

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