Saturday, July 17

So here's what you've missed on Wookie & Co. (not to steal from Glee or anything...)

I wrote a post about poop.  It saved for now.  No, I'm not cleaning up after a dog.  No, I'm not chasing a toddler with explosive diarrhea.  And no, I don't have diarrhea.

I got back from Great Britain Wednesday night.  And thankfully wasn't too jet-lagged.

I got drunk once.  Last night.  And it was weird.  More about that later.

Mr. Wookie spent the 4th of July weekend in Manhattan.  And met a celebrity.

I spent Thursday at work for over 10 hours.  Welcome back, eh?

Mr. Wookie's birthday is rapidly approaching.  Gift ideas?

I received a blog award - details to come, of course.  And I really like the award giver, btw.

I think I took over 500 pictures during our trip abroad.  Why so many?  Well, they're's not like I'm rolling film.  Although I know how.  Thanks Photography class in high school.

And this morning I'm treating Mr. Wookie to a King's Breakfast.  This is what we call sausage and eggs.  Because during weekdays we're both too busy to make real food.  He usually goes for a cup of coffee while I attack a heaping bowl of Cheerios.  I love the weekends.  Especially when I get to sleep in.  Minus my brow appointment this morning.  Can't have Cavewoman brows or anything...

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