Saturday, July 10

Do you guys miss me yet?

We're in the home stretch, folks.  Finally in London, we're ready to conquer this giant city and this afternoon already 2 drinks deep.  But can you blame us?  We just spent half the day in the car driving from Scotland to London.  We're in need of relaxation.

Wish you were here?


  1. Ack!! I'm seething with jealousy!! I've been in Maine for the past couple of weeks and have been away from blogs...didn't know you were in the UK! Like I said...soooooo jealous! I don't blame you - - I've done the car drive from Scotland down to southern England and I could have used a few drinks along the way! Love, love, LOVE England and Scotland...haven't been in years and would kill to be over there. Eat some Digestives for me! (they're cookies by the way...not some sort of antacid! :) )

  2. I'm absolutely in love with Scotland and am planning a return trip for whenever life will let me. We just wrapped up London, and are flying out tomorrow, so I'm glad that I'll have a little break to let the little blisters I have finally heal.

    I tried to drink the local beer when I could, and we had great success most of the time. And I'm very glad for the short trip back to the East Coast.

    But I will say I'm very jealous you're a Northeasterner. I'd very much like to tour the upper portion of the EC. I feel it's very Oregon/Washington like. Who knows when I'll get there though. :/

    And my sisters saw the "Digestives" but thought they were laxatives, hahahahaah - looks like we now know! :D