Saturday, July 24

In honor of Mr. Wookie's Birthday Weekend, here's a list of things I want come California...

Totally fair, right?  It's his birthday weekend, but I'm totally holding this blog captive to everything I want in our new place (not necessarily that comes with our new place - wherever it is that we end up).

With the amount of red wine we enjoy, it's time for a decanter.  In fact, I've pigeon-holed a gift card to Crate and Barrel just for this purchase.  Mine, mine, mine!

It's been since 2005 since Mr. Wookie's had new pillows and duvet set.  I should know, I got them for him.  For his birthday then.  The pillows are now dead and the duvet set has seen it's fair share of washings.  I just don't know which is more eco-friendly (the goose feathers, since the darn thing is already dead - or - the down alternative, since I'm not sure which was the first thought in killing the goose [feathers or meat]).  I obviously have more research to do.  And no, I don't intend to have an all-white "Welcome to the Hilton Garden Inn" look.  It's just the best picture I could find, fyi.

Ever since I saw Middle Sister's kitchen with a knife magnet, I've been dying for one.  And it's been like 3 years, so it's about time.

Not to judge us, but we sooo don't have a dining room table.  In fact, we don't even have a dining room.  We're those classy people who pay the higher rent for a Downtown loft then eat their dinner while holding their plate over their lap.  Well, I actually jam the plate between my knees and collar bones.  It just hovers there during my severe ab workout so my plate doesn't fall in my lap.  If only we had one of those tables where we each get to sit at one end and not talk during dinner (like above).

It's my time to step up and rescue a pet.  Here I haven't had the space nor did we have the permission.  Our turtles are our secret.  Shhhh...  Our next place in California will be pet-friendly.  And I hope to be able to find a forever home for a much-needed feline.  Scratch that, no hope.  I know I WILL find a little guy or gal, who maybe has a brother or sister that I just CAN'T leave behind, that will love to be apart of our family.  Just as long as they're short-haired so Mr. Wookie's allergies don't kill him. :)

If you've followed the blog for awhile, you know I didn't have a dresser after I got here.  And I still don't.  I Craiglist'd for a bit but never found anything that someone wanted to not rape my wallet for.  But thankfully with moving back to the West Coast, I'm able to pilfer the 5-piece set I inherited from my grandparents.  And with a little love and attention (i.e. paint and update them), I'll be able to move out of those ugly-ass plastic drawers a la Walmart.  Yes, I know!

But I'll wrap this up now because this list is long.  And I have to get ready for his Birthday Dinner.  Because fabulous takes awhile.  Especially while I'm still lounging, with my hair in a turbin, bumbling around on Facebook, talking to Mommy McD about our last weekend together for awhile (Mommy McD, I'm thinking of flying back to visit you -slash- for the North Face Marathon Relay in June next year, thoughts?).

Anyone other bloggers down for joining in on the fun??


  1. What if you take a look at races in Oregon around that time? Lil' bro graduates HS next year and we'll be taking a trip to the best coast for the occasion. And, sticking around for a while is totally doable - since B-rox will be out of school, etc.

  2. As a cat person, I love that your future plans include adopting a cat. That picture makes me melt :-).