Tuesday, July 13

What if I don't want to leave the Motherland???

Well it's that time, folks.  Time to pack up the stinky clothes, board a flight, and Customs back to our own country.  This tour is coming to a close rapidly.  But not before 2 vodka tonics and a heaping Belgian chocolate cookie.  And yes, the first vodka tonic came during the walk to the grocery store for the Belgian chocolate cookie.  Because I'm classy like that.  Plus everyone here is drunk anyways so they barely noticed.  That and I'm a Ging.  Standard protocol for letting me do anything I want.

So the next thing on the menu is packing up my bag.  Suck fest 10,000.  Everything reeks.  My feet are swollen from all the walking.  I have a slight blister on my left heel because today was a multiple-mile outing.  But my liver is active.  There was only one guy who even remotely jazzed my radar.  The rest had bad teeth, smelled, or had bad-decision-on-a-drunken-night tattoos.

I can't wait to get back home just because then I can plug into all my electronics.  While it's fun stepping away from reality, traveling the world, and forgetting about adulthood...I'm so backlogged on blogs it's not funny.  So until then, I hope they were funny and made my laugh so hard my butt puckers.  If not, work on that then.

But my pack is calling my name.  So is the bathroom.  Those 2 drinks have finally made their way through the system.

I'll see y'all on the American side of the Pond.  So for now, Cheerio readers.  It's been swell.  But I've missed you.  And I know you've missed me too.

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