Friday, January 21

not America's next top model

Something small came in the mail to us yesterday.  Well, to me.  But meant for someone with 4 legs.  Loads of drool.  And the inability to "stay" for pictures.  What's that, Mom??  If I run towards you, you can't take a picture??  But Mom, it's so fun!  Hahahah....oh, what's that?   A treat?  Yes, I'll sit.  For 3.2 seconds.  Ready?  Go!

I about lost my shit when I opened this.  The dog didn't know what was wrong with me. Mom, you okay?  Treat?  I thought I was getting an eco-conscience housekeeping book from Baby Sister (she got a great one for Christmas).  Nope.  Better.

Hmmm, what's this "OS?"  Will it give me treats?  Take me for long walks?

Remember what I told you, lady.  3.2 seconds for pictures.  Now treat me, bitch. No, really, she won't stay.  I'll crouch to take more pictures, and she comes at me like Charlie Sheen to prostitutes.  And drugs.  And gambling.  And STD's.

Modeling training will begin eventually.  Once she realizes not to try and lick the camera.  But at least it looks good on her.  She'll be excited for August just like the rest of Beaver Nation.  Win or lose, we still booze I get a TREAT!

Thank you, immensely, to Baby Sister for the fantastic Beaver Gear for our dear girl.  This is awesome, lightweight, and is the perfect fit for her thick neck.  It's tasteful and not too IN YOUR FACE!  That's the way we like our Beaver Gear.


  1. Look... who among us can't occasionally be plied with cheap hookers and booze and eventually some necessary Penicillin?

  2. Very tasteful and attractive :) What a cute dog!

  3. WHERE did your sister find this??? I MUST HAVE ONE FOR TUCKER!!!

  4. @Marilyn, I believe it was at the Beaver Fan Shop in Portland!