Monday, October 31

Halloween: The night I met Mr. Wookie

You may know...but you probably don't. Halloween is always one of my secret holidays because of its effect on my life. Without Halloween back in 2003, there'd be no Wookie & Co. And thanks to this guy (the groom) for drinking a full fifth of liquor, passing out on my couch, and leaving me with a young Mr. Wookie to join me at the jungle juice party (that night was...legendary).

I remember the night like it was yesterday. What I wouldn't give to relive those few hours of mayhem and foolishness. Although I'd probably be impressed with my abilities, embarrassed by dance skills, and curious who most of the people were that were there. And I don't have the outfit anymore (not that it's appropriate at 28 24 anyway...).

My jaw drops when I think about being with him for 8 years. It's nauseating. Eight years. Ten minus two. Eight times 365. But that's what happens when you get old balls and keep reliving your 24th birthday...the years keep increasing despite your best efforts of kidnapping the Oregonian governor and forcing a forged ID so I'm still 24. I'm old. He's old. We're gaining years together like Joan Rivers has face lifts.

I've always been enthused by Halloween and costumes (minus the one year where I got screwed with massive projects the day after Halloween, where I couldn't partake in the festiveness and drink myself into oblivion). I've ranged from a Playboy bunny, to (above's) PTA Mom, to a naughty Catholic school girl, and a woodland nymph (the fairy...not the sex-crazed personality).

But this year, it's different. We don't feel like it's Halloween. I'm having a difficult time realizing that this night, many years ago, my life crashed into the future with the Navy. I didn't think we'd stay together longer than a few months. Really. I was amazed at 6 months. Now I can't imagine life without at least being associated with him (whether he's on the boat, TAD, or hogging the small chunk of bed I end up not sprawling over).

Mr. Wookie's at least carved a pumpkin for tonight. It almost had a mustache. Almost.

Thank goodness it doesn't. #nooffenseDad

And we've only had 3 trick-or-treaters....which is more than we expected considering we live in a gated community. #gatejumpingteens

Wookie & Co. Junior Year Spring Ball

Let's hope the trick or treating ends soon. Because we have Kit Kats in the bowl. And those are my favorite. Mr. Wookie is a close second.

Lastly, my nephew, Little Man, as Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba. I don't know what this is, but Nephew is adorable. Here's to collecting lots of candy, and then seeing his Reese's peanut butter cup stash dwindle because of his dad. He won't see it coming.

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