Thursday, December 1

Can you see me? Can you?

Ugh....again....I fall behind on life. I love it, I really do. But when the sink loads up with dirties, the dishwasher remains filled with clean fodder since I loathe to unload a dishwasher, and there's no thawed animal flesh in the fridge...I pine for the weekend where I can't put life together to actually accomplish things. And now we're engrossed in the busiest time of the year as I balance a workload with the mental capabilities of thinking of stellar gift items for my family, his family, and him.

And now we're outta coffee. I've meant to get some, but making a trip to the store for just coffee is painful. Is spending gas worth the $7/12 oz. bag?? Not to me. So instead I get to be the perma-yawning coworker who doesn't feel like a 4-day weekend sufficed my recharging needs.

Instead we spent the weekend lounging, watch our football team suck more than Pam Anderson pre-Hepatitis (and post-....who are we kidding), decorating, and doing yardwork. Oh, and I can't forget that 20 minutes on Saturday where I lounged in my better-than-a-zero-cavity-check-up hammock and got a sunburn on my shins. Yes. Our duty station, NAS Perma-Sunshine, allows you to get burned in late November. I love this. Bring on the skin cancer. I'm ready.

I see you. You can't escape me.

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