Monday, August 2

Uhhh, hi August....when did you get here?

I swear life like's to mess with my head...

First we're going to make her move.  Then we'll make her quit her job.  Then we'll have August explode all over her face...right next to the HUGE zit by her nose.  Then we'll laugh maniacally like Gargamel.

Or maybe August is the new kid in town promising the best friendship ever.
Hi, I'm August, I know you're down on your luck, but trust me...California is awesome.  And you'll love it.  Otherwise you can just suck it up and eat at In 'N Out daily until your ass expands to where it has a gravitational pull.  Your decision.

Maybe I'll contemplate this over pedicures.  Or not.  Why ruin a perfectly good day of shopping and indulgence when I have a Mommy McD by my side.  No one ever said our lives were easy.  But dammit, we make them fun.

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