Friday, January 28

9 things I didn't want to do today.

1.) Clean the kitchen.

The kitchen had a slight dusting of cinnamon and sugar thanks to yesterday's breakfast.  Now before you judge, realize sometimes it's either taking the pooch for a morning walk before I leave in the morning or cleaning up my breakfast mess.  The dog wins.

2.) Emptying the sky-high amount of dishes.

I didn't mind doing the dishes.  But sometimes you're just not in the mood to roll up your sleeves and touch a billion coffee mugs.  And the sponge is just orange from washing the pot from dinner last night - we had roasted red pepper and tomato soup.

3.) Leave the take out our recycling.

I didn't want to take out the recycling.  Because that's about what we produce a week.  The shoes are the guilty victims of dog walks, the laptop case is in the middle of a mid-life crisis because it's only used during travel, the box is 25" snowshoes (to exchange the 21" snowshoes I got at Christmas), and the wine is self-explanatory.

4.) Unearth the Headquarters.

I straightened up the Wookie & Co. workspace.  Yes, it's clean now.  Yes, this is clean.  No, you can't comment on my workspace.  You can shove it.  In the nicest way possible.  Thanks.  This is like the last space to get attention via until it's better, you can bet your monthly vodka tonic supply that I peruse Apartment Therapy when I can.

[Blogger is apparently copin' a 'tude with all that above space.  I apologize for this.  Dear Blogger, in the words of Mr. Wookie's infamous beliefs, "Fix your shit."  Thanks, this formerly moody, but now getting-back-to-moody, Ging.]

(5.) Vacuuming sucks the life force out of people.  It's a miracle I survived.

(6) Until today, the coffee table hadn't been dusted in lightyears a few weeks.

7.) Make the stupid bed.

I never like making the bed.  I think it's absolutely pointless.  I'm just going to sleep in it within 18 hours.  So the energy is never there.  But Mr. Wookie loves a made bed.  So it's either this...or a grumpy Mr. Wookie.  And it's only a lame guess as to which side I sleep on...

8.) The Never-ending Story Laundry.

Thanks to dog fur, the laundry now accumulates twice as fast.  Because instead of folding up those jeans to be worn another few days, they're covered in slobber because someone in the house has a pension for producing too much saliva....then chucka-chucka-chucka-ing all over the house (that's my verbage for when the dog does the water-off-me shake).

9.) La Basura.

I never like taking out the trash, because one rip in the plastic can cause a billion Q-tips to fly out.  And then there's snot rags, hair from Mr. Wookie's buzz cuts, cottons balls, make-up remover wipes, and floss.  Yum, used floss.

The one thing I did want to see today...

And she wants to play with me.


  1. Wow! "THE" Mrs. Wookie reads my blog? :) I actually had no idea. Sarah kept your secret safe. But I've heard a loooooot about you. Mostly from reading Sarah's blog. Where you can obviously tell she thinks the world of you. And if Sarah likes you, well, I like you. Cause I really like Sarah. And my guess is she's got good taste in best friends! Glad I found your blog. It looks like a good read. I do my fair share of blog stalking as well.
    And I agree. I'd bathe in the sink if I could too. Damn those big butts....

  2. Jealous that you have your sliding door open. It was nice and sunny when I left M&D; not a cloud in the sky. Now, it's cloudy. But not with a chance of meatballs.

  3. Nice work, lady. I need to get my ass in gear and clean the pig sty I currently live in. Or at least I need to clean the 'Skype room' before OccDoc calls me and I can lie and say the rest of the house looks that good.

  4. Damn, someone did work today! And I'm loving that wine stand!