Friday, January 14

the milspouse fill-in is back in action

The Milspouse Friday Fill-In is sponsored by Wife of a Sailor.  So if you're a wife, a girlfriend, a concubine, hop on over and join the fun.  Get to know some of the ladies, comment your ass off (including mine!), and welcome!

Thank goodness it's back, I was losing steam on posting this week as I'm just a tad tired out from my first week (ever!) of dog ownership.  I picked up more poop, smelled more farts, and got slobbered on more than I ever have.  This isn't easy.  And my laundry loads are increasing (the drool, the hair!), but she's such a cutie.  We're still a work in progress, but it's going better than I thought.

Maybe this weekend will recharge me.

Maybe not.

But at least I have a Happy Hour date before Wives Group tonight.

1.) What are you looking forward to most in 2011?
The potential.  Each year gets more exciting with Mr. Wookie.  In 2009, we bridged the gap between the West Coast and the East Coast by my checking $50 worth of luggage and saying goodbye to Hometown, Oregon.  In 2010, we put down great roots in the bustling area of Norfolk, Virginia as he chipped away at flight school and brought home some bacon in a better economy.  In 2011, we're excited as he's now in an official squadron, has real responsibilities, we're meeting some great people, still setting into life in a state that has direct flights to all of Oregon!  Oh, and that whole dog thing too!

2.) What is something random you do on a boring night when your significant other is away?
Well if he's gone, the FLANNEL SHEETS ARE ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!  So I'd probably turn in early, read a book, and maybe eat cereal in bed.  Yes, very boring.  But now that we have a dog, it'll probably entail walking her a little early and us lounging on the couch watching Teen Mom (don't deny, you love it!)

3.) What has been your greatest adventure as a milspouse?
The fact that we get to give our 2-weeks notice and move anywhere.  I was very saddened to leave Virginia, but I get to blame it on him. ;)  It's a chance to do something else.  A chance to use my event coordination experience and maybe break into more marketing.  I'll get to join a real squadron, and despite my first Wives Group being kinda tormenting, it's easing out into a nice place where I look forward to hanging out with the ladies.  It's a fun life.  Not everyone gets to do it, but then again not every can.

4.) What is the ugliest fashion trend you ever bought into?
I'm happy to say I've never found UGGS attractive.  Nor the late 90's colored sunglasses ala Carson Daly and TRL.  I was guilty of ill-fitting that a trend?  I've always been self-conscience of my body (like what girl isn't!), so I never had properly fitting clothes.  Well thanks to a paycheck, for having lanky ass swag, I'm now a properly dressed individual!  Yes.

5.) What was the high point of last month?
Umm, I got to go home for Christmas for the first time in 3 years, AND Mr. Wookie came with me.


  1. I tried to deny my love for Teen Mom, but I can't do it anymore. That show is addicting!

  2. This is a great post---I'm totally with you on the flannel sheets and eating cereal in bed! The thing I love about being home alone is just relaxing like that...

  3. I love my flannel sheets. We keep them on year round in this household. We don't even own regular sheets.