Wednesday, January 5

Bandwagon Jump: 11 in 2011

Hear ye, hear ye, though ist announcing thy New Year's resolutions upon a proclaimation to the blogosphere of impending progress in thine life and supporting role.

Okay, enough of that crap, let's just talk about how I'm going to be a better person this year, a better blogger, a better friend, a better Mrs. Wookie, and how I'll learn how to make Manhattans up the minute Mr. Wookie strolls through the door with his man purse flight bag and a look of disgust on this face that he actually had to do work instead of painting squadron murals all day long....

True, Mr. Wookie is being commissioned not only as a Naval Officer...but as the Squadron Picaso to dole his expertise on their blank walls.  Work is in initial phasing, but you-betcha that it'll grace the blog when it's done.  Because blogging is bragging and bragging is blogging, duh.

Mrs. Wookie's attempts at humoring you-slash-being a better person...

1.) Comment more!!!!
I feel like a shmuck when I read, giggle maniacally, then don't tell you how awesome that was.  Because I, too, like to die when people comment on my blog that they just suffered bladder failure because of my linguistic prowess.  So let's work on returning the favor.  I've already commented more this week than I have all last year (okay, probably not really, but it feels like it!).

So fellow bloggers, watch out.  And I'll apologize in advance for blogposts in the comment sections.  Sometimes I get carried away and tangent like all hell.  Kinda like now...

2.) Read 20+ books!
I was quite pleased with my attack of literature for last year.  It could always be more, but I get hung up on fiction and how...umm....lazy and retarded it could be.  I hate when things are so far-fetched, it's not even close to reality.  This is usually why I stick to non-fiction.  Because that shit's real!  And anything to help my Jeopardy game is a must.

3.) Run 10 miles for every pound Baby Sister loses...
Last year was an amazing year for Baby Sister as she lost more than 30 pounds with a change in lifestyle and the diagnosis of a thyroid condition.  This year, with Middle Sister's wedding on the horizon in August, and a 5K in the works for March, she's looking at dropping more weight to look extra fab-dambulous.  Well...because I need to get my ass back to working out, I've decided to add a little competition to the mix.  I'll be adding a mile tracker for my progress, as well as a tracker for her progress.  Christmas 2011 will be rough.  A battle of the "Who's fitter?"

4.) Host one helluva Bridal Shower for Middle Sister
Take one older sister (me), with event coordination experience (me!), who hates lame-ass bridal showers of stupid games and crappy food (me!), and let's make something fantastic!  Middle Sister, I'll be coming to you for all details and desires.  Mama Ging, I'll be coming to you for fundage.  Ready?  Break!

5.) Let's try one new recipe a week.
No, this won't be blog-chronicled, but I feel the need to up my kitchen presence.  Mr. Wookie is THE chef in the house.  He can whip up risotta pancakes, with strawberry glaze, and a pork tenderloin that will make vegans scream the name of Hog.  I can make cereal.  (And a mean breakfast, and bake up a storm, but the stove....causes more anxiety than a diabetic in a candy let's work on that!).

6.) Let's try some pet rescue.
I've had experience lately of pets loving me.  Completely strange dogs coming up to me for love and affection and avoiding any and all others.  So I'm taking this a sign that I'm the new Cesar Milan of dogs.  Minus I don't need a green card because I'm a citizen.  That and I'm a Ging, which is way better anyway than a short man with a pack of 5 dogs.

7.) Learn to use my Nikon, chronicle my photos via a blog tab.
This may be a long shot.  But I figure, I can only get better with my pictures.  Especially living here in Southern California where the mountains are gorgeous, the beach beautiful, and the ocean a mile away.  And if there's some pet rescue action, I can turn 4-legged creatures into my muse.

8.) Visit my dearest Mommy McD!
She's in severe need of a Ging, a footrub, some shopping, and a Sister Wife.  And an emergency c-section scar that'll heal fully so she can rock her skinny jeans (seriously, after like 2.4 seconds of having Baby #3, she fits into her skinny jeans...let's send her hate mail by the way of United Airlines points to me.  I'd love to hate her via a flight from LAX to Dulles or Reagan).

9.) Attend my yearly Oregon State football game
You betcha that we're looking forward to a better season this year.  But like Oregon State football, you can dream the moon...make the Jello shots extra strong...but life will still give you lemons.  So then you just make lemon drops...and invite Middle Sister to help with the extra (she loves them!).

10.) Survive Christmas alone, if I have to...
With the Navy as our means to Mr. Wookie as bread winner, you never know how the schedules will be come the holidays.  So I just hope I have the strength, should I need, to handle a Christmas stuck in California without Mr. Wookie.  Or let's hope my negotiation skills improve to where I can convince my family to visit the sunny locale of just-North-of-Malibu.

11.) Grow my hair out!
This one may prove more difficult than the rest.  The in-between phase is a PAIN IN THE ASS.  Short hair is hot.  Long hair is ponytail-licious.  Awkward grow-in...just that, awkward.  So we'll see.  If I chronicle a short 'do, you know I failed.  I love my short hair.  But I love ponytails too.  May the winner take all!

Wow, did you make it all the way through without any pictures?  I mean, I could have put pictures, but I'm really lazy you'll have to suffice.  But seriously, you just read this 12 minutes of my typing the longest list I've written that didn't involve groceries.  I don't know whether to congratulate you or refer to a shrink.  It just depends on whether you want an awkward email of my hand (for a high five) or a prescription to happy pills.  The high five might be cheaper...


  1. I read every single word!! Proud of me? I am! You resolutions rock and I can't wait to see how they all unfold. You are braver than me - I haven't EVEN cleared my head to come up with anything to resolve to do.


  2. If you fly into Reagan you're going to hate yourself. I much prefer Dulles. Plus, I believe at the end of the United terminal at Dulles there is a Potbelly's. I did a lot of business travel and loved me a Potbelly's. Oh, how I miss Potbelly's.

  3. Reagan is a much better option right now. The outer loop of the beltway is shut down at various hours for construction of the "gold line". Mark and sneaky had to take a three hour detour...
    Don't worry, there's a Potbellys in Reagan.

    I love that you're one of the first people I've ever met who make resolutions, and stick to them.
    Thanks for being my bestest.

  4. Awesome resolutions! There are several up rthere I may just steal and make my own (although your sister would probably think it a tad weird taht some strager ina clown wig was throwing her a shower...although maybe I could pretend I was just the entertainment) see, now I am already doing better on the commenting one too!! hurray for me.
    Can't wait to see how you do following these! Here's to an awesome 2011!

  5. Are we humored by you trying to be a better person or by your writing? :)

  6. I need to learn how to use my Nikon too...

    Good luck reaching your goals!