Tuesday, January 18

maybe I'll just verbal vomit today

I never like when the weekend amounts to just lounging at home, hanging out with Mr. Wookie, and the blog has nothing to show off.  It's like, Ooooh, how exciting, you sat your ass watching another movie.  The blog is really going to entertain readers that way.

But really, we're an exciting pair.  Unless you catch us at 7:01pm on weekdays.  Then our asses are parked on the couch watching Jeopardy.  And we don't hold a conversation with you.  We intensely try our best to answer the questions....or at least bullshit the best we can if the category is "Morse Code."  And obviously we love to "air five" each other when one of us bullshits a right answer.

Sooooooo, let's not avoid the gigantic pink elephant in the room.  Have you seen Extreme Couponing??????????  I know Mommy McD has...because we text-versation about the crazies.  I mean, I'm all for couponing to save money, and feed your family on a smaller budget.  I totally get it.  Buuuuuuuut...there was one lady who just had to buy 150 candy bars because she had coupons.  Umm, lady...you're one Snickers away from diabetes (if not already).  And not to judge, BUT YOU DON'T NEED 150 CANDY BARS.

But I am proud to say I totally used a coupon to buy my Chobani greek yogurts.  Because those things aren't cheap.  But very healthy (like 16-18 grams of protein!).  And delicious.  So here's to coupons.  Coupons for good things.  Like not candy bars.

We're starting to let Sweet Pea sleep not baby-gate'd off to the tiled parts of the house (we feared bathroom issues, that's why).  Three days ago, Mr. Wookie made the movements to put her to bed.  And like any good dog, she's learning how to swing her adorable face into getting what she wants.  I about had a FREAKIN' HEART ATTACK when I wake up that morning and see her sleeping on her bed in front of the fire place.  I thought we had to rename her Houdini.  But nope, she's just getting used to us and we can let her sleep just outside the bedroom.

I love watching The Rachel Zoe Project.  But I also love eating.   So I'll never be an under-nourished fashion model who can rock a Size 2.  I already have issues in finding pants long and sleeves and torsos long enough...why would I want to make that job any harder.  Plus, I like my small closet.  And I LOVE that Mr. Wookie is more of a clothes-horse than I.  Seriously, the man has more clothes than me.  Dead serious.

And I'm curious who snores more.  Mr. Wookie.  Or Sweet Pea.


  1. I'm all for the weekend/evening boringness....we are the same way. Just hangin out being boring, but also being totally fabulously happy with ourselves and our good jeopardy guesses. I wish I would do more planned fun things, but then again I don't...

  2. What is it with the men in our lives owning more clothes than us? 80% of our closet is full of Collin's clothes... and he totally snores WAY more than me....

  3. One of the best decisions I ever made in my entire life was to not let my dogs sleep in my bed. When they were tiny puppies (they each weighed a pound and were no bigger than a pop can with a tennis ball head) I would force them to sleep in their kennel - with tons of pillows and blankets. They're almost 7 and still only want to sleep in their own bed. You are being so smart having her sleep in her own bed, you will totally not regret this.

    Marcello (the obese Chihuahua) is the king of snoring. I can hear him snoring in the kitchen all the way down the hall from my bedroom. Lots of times OccDoc and I would lie in bed and giggle at that snoring dog.

  4. Hmm. I only like weekends that amount to sitting around on my ass at my house.

    But my husband is more of a clothes horse than me, as well. He is encroaching on my side of the closet. I don't know why this tickles me so much. It just does.

  5. Annoyed Army Wife is totally right - good for you for having Sweet Pea sleep in her own bed. I cheat and let Tally come sit up on our bed with me when I'm reading, but she never sleeps in there overnight with us. Do you crate Sweet Pea at night, or is she that good that she just sleeps on her dog bed without being confined? If so - very impressive! Tally would claim the whole house as her own personal playground if we didn't put her in her crate at night.

  6. @NavyGirl,

    Sweet Pea is good enough to just sleep in her own bed. We debated getting a crate, to put in a corner of our room, but she's yet to terrorize much more than her squeaky balls, chew toys, and just standing on your feet (65 pounds on my foot hurts).

    But we're thinking we'll go the crate move when she proves she can't just sleep in her bed. And she's good enough that we can tuck her into bed with her blanket, and she's out until morning. Whether the walks wear her out, or she's just that good, we'll take it. I love lazy. :)