Sunday, January 30

what $21.60 will get you.

It's no surprise to those who know where we live (just-North-of-Malibu, California) that the alternate name of the area should be Farm City, California.  You don't go a mile without seeing fields and fields of farmland.  And the bodies hunched over picking said farmland.

There is one CSA in the area (CSA stands for community-supported agriculture) in which you buy a 'share' of a local farm and enjoy weekly boxes of fresh produce.  This is a way to give back to the local economy and fill your belly with scrum-dili-umtious eats when you prefer to go straight to the food supplier.  Mommy McD does this.  She loves it.  Hippies unite!

Well...I've heard reviews of the California Harvest Local Delivery.

Like a CSA, but better!  Just read...

They give you a list of in-season produce, you select what you're willing to receive, they pick the best available options, and they BRING IT TO YOUR HOUSE.  No driving somewhere to collect your bounty.  It comes to you.  Between the hours of 1-4pm on Saturdays.

And because of our allergies to avocados, bananas, cantaloupe, and onions mangos, we can avoid receiving any items we can't eat or choose not to eat.  Plus, it's literally picked the morning it's delivered.  Can nutrients get more fresh??

I've been wanting to try this service since we moved here.  And knowing that we run to the store twice a week for food (read: produce), we decided that maybe cutting out the middle man (Vons) will make for better food and a better deal.

We eat a lot of salads.  We eat a lot of vegetables.  Some people fail to add one vegetable to their dinner.  We're those freaks that add 2.  And yes, we believe in some 'conventional' foods too.  Vons make killer take-home pizzas.  Then...we just add zucchini (for me), tomatoes (for him), mushrooms, and olives.  Then *bam* - good shit!

And spending $80+ on produce is already in our monthly food budget.  I believe in spending money on good food since it's the fuel for the body.  The body won't run well on doughnuts, Spaghetti-Os, and Ramen.  Nor will the body run on carrot sticks and water.  It's all about balance, people!

So my thought is why not divert the funds to a farm source?  Vons will still be there for almond milk, half 'n half, and eggs.  And Costco will be there for (ahem) Cheerios, meat products, and (ahem) alcohol.

So, yes please!

Yesterday's bounty involved this plentiful spread of VITamins and mineRALS.  Yes, quoting Bear Grylls does increase your smartness.  This cost the Wookie & Co. household $21.60 total.  And I didn't tip the delivery person/owner - and I didn't know if I was supposed to.  Since this is a delivery service, I assumed that the total cost covered it all.  But look at the spread!  No skimping here.

And speaking of fresh off the farms, can you spot the ladybugs?

We chose the "Individual" size versus "Medium" or "Large" - I did double-check that this would suffice 2 adults (one being Navy, and not always home for dinner/days).  This includes 4 different varieties of fruit, at a minimum of a 1/2 pound each.  And it also includes 7 varieties of vegetable, at 1/2 pound each as well.

The produce delivery business is the brainchild of 2 sisters who are trying to bring the fresh farm foods to the table at low costs for those who are too busy (or lazy like moi!) for the Farmer's Markets.  Because do you really know where the food comes from in Vons, or Safeway, or Whole Paycheck Foods unless it says "Local?"  High five if your local grocery store does supply right-from-the-farms.  I'm jealous.

And the strawberries = amazing!  We made strawberry shortcakes last night for dessert.  I may have died, gone to Heaven, and asked God for wifi so I could finish this post.

Like my melons?

No, really, the orange is grapefruit-huge.  The 'cara cara' is beach ball-sized!

And I did ask if there was a way to add eggs onto my order, but sadly their license doesn't allow the transport of eggs.  "Yet," I say.  I'm hoping that'll eventually happen.  Because if you've ever had farm-fresh eggs, you know what I'm talking about.  They may cure cancer.  If not, they at least taste delicious with mimosas.

Umm, the empty Bombay bottle is merely serving as a point of reference to the size of the celery stalk.  Oi, that's a lot of fiber.  And a lot of peanut butter I'm going to go through.  And I do we need to restock the gin supplies.  It's on the grocery list.  Right below eggs.  Because somethings in life are important to us besides fresh produce, and that's breakfast....and beverages.

And the best thing I love about my state?  The trees.

Curious about this awesome cutting board??  I would be too if I didn't have my very own Oregon cutting board.  Middle Sister and Baby Sister were bodacious-awesome-licious during Christmas - and this was my gift from them.  They found it on Etsy.  There isn't a day I don't light incense around it and pray for my state.  It's awesome.  Like Ghandi.  But with mountains, trees, and my family.

So far, we're liking this service.  The strawberries were food-gasmic.  The butternut squash will most likely be dinner this evening.  The only thing we're worried about is going through the celery.  It seems like a lot.  Hello 'ants on a log!'

And the delivery service includes a Welcome Binder, directions at how to store each food to reduce spoilage, recipes for foods you received, and a 'frequent-buyer punch card.'  10 weeks of delivery = 1 week free!

All aboard!  The healthy eating, hippie train is leaving the station!


  1. Love it! I need to see if we have something more like that for us. I'd like a little more control over what we get. (Read: too much spinach comes for this allergic gal)

  2. We have something like this also. Unfortunately, ours doesn't get delivered and we have to take what's available but it's absolutely delicious and quite the variety. Nice find Mrs. Wookie! Enjoy those fruits/veggies and some more gin!

  3. Please tell me you noticed Mr. Wookie's hilarious face in the melon picture. Classic!

  4. I'm so jealous! All those veggies look amazing! I"m the big veggie person in our family and "sneak" them in where ever I can. I can't wait for our local farmer's markets to start up again:)

  5. Yes, it's the reason I went with the photo - I was curious who else would notice him in the background!!!

  6. Seriously, AMAZING! What a price! That right there would at least cost me 30 here! And I have ALWAYS wanted a state cutting board since I saw it online and now you've completely convinced me to go through with the purchase!

  7. I got spoiled in CA with the produce. Well, I still have CA produce but it looks like it's been in a fight and it's nowhere near as fresh. There was a place near Monterey where you could go a few times a month and collect the fruit that hadn't been picked and they just let you have it! Unfortunately, I don't know what it was called or who offered it and Chris says I'm making it up. But I don't think I am!

  8. Seriously, SO cool! That asparagus makes me want to punch a baby to get some. Ohh and sugar snap peas! And fresh green beans kick the ass of canned ones anyday. I'm considering looking into one up here and comparing price per week and what M&D think. I do love me some farmer's market though and we have a huge one up here.

    Nice cutting board!

  9. So colorful! Also, I am jealous of your cutting board. I don't think my home state is a convenient shape for an actual usable cutting surface, alas.

  10. What a great variety of color and foods! I am jealous. That is great haul for $21.60!

  11. That is a deal, sister!

    We have a few CSAs around (not as many as up there), but I seem to recall it not being that affordable... I'll have to re-ass-ess...