Monday, January 3

Mr. Wookie has created a monster.

So now that I have this fancy, shmancy new camera, I feel compelled to chronicle my life as if it were Time magazine (minus Mark Fart-kerburg wouldn't be on the cover).  But...I still don't know how to use it you're stuck with the same pictures, just better pixelation, but with the same boring lyricalization of my life (yes, lyricalization is now a word.  I have the power to do so).

Last Wednesday, he hitched the Jeep out East for the lowly state of Arizona.  A mere 7 hours later (I hate roadtrips, no matter how many snacks I have in my cooler!), we arrived to the suburbia of Phoenix: Surprise, Arizona.  It was freezing.  Did I mention we traveled to Arizona???  And Surprise did 'surprise' us...with frost bite!  Well, temperatures never rose as it snowed on Thursday (snow and palm trees, who knew?) and remained below 40 degrees the whole time.  Next time, Arizona, I want at least 60's.  Because that wasn't a very good first impression.

Mr. Wookie's mama is mid-move to the usually-sunnier state of Arizona for retirement, metal detecting, and everything else that comes along with a move from dreary Washington State to Arizona (just not getting rid of those snow jackets just yet!).  It'll be fun venturing over a state for new surroundings and home-cooked food.  However, I did warn Arizona that it better be warmer the next time or they're off my Christmas card list.

We did have a lot of fun staying up late, watching movies, not watching Dick Clark struggle through another New Year's Eve because he's on the brink of death and I don't like wondering whether he'll make the countdown to the ball dropping because he might keel over instead.  Although someone couldn't make it to Midnight.  Not me!  We don't judge though.

Then when it was time to leave, the temperature rose.  Maybe 10 degrees.  I fully think that Arizona mocked us the whole trip.  Then we came home to a cold SoCal coastline.  42 degrees and blistering rain.  WTH?

But at least we got to view the desert puppies that roamed the backyard.  Here puppy, puppy, puppy.  Along with the coyotes, there were rabbits hopping around the yard.  Next time we need bait, a telephoto lens, and camera skills that come with actually reading the manual (I've been busy, hey!).  So we'll see.

Arizona, you excite us.  Make sure the temperature is right, otherwise we're not friends anymore.  And if you could put a Hiking Arizona book in our local used bookstore, that'd be great.  There are some hills I want to conquer.  I'll bring it if you will.  Thanks AZ.


  1. Dick Clark is so sad now. Also, I protest that Ryan Seacrest is the new heir apparent. I'm a 90s girl, and I wanted Carson Daly. Besides which, I sort of feel that Ryan Seacrest is some sort of cyborg television machine. I'm not entirely convinced that they don't shut him down and store him in a box at the end of a show.

    Arizona with snow. I learn something new everyday.

  2. I love how you write. Such a breathe of fresh air. Hilarious. I love when you talk about Dick Clark. That made me crack up. I wish I could travel right now! UGHH. Jealous<---

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! How in the World did I miss following you? Wel,, fear not...I'm now a new slaker and cannot wait to start reading your blog!

    Happy New Year!!