Wednesday, January 12

the dog ownership workout plan, yours with 2 easy payments

With an "active" Bulldog, we're still judging the distance that'll make an appropriate walk for her without cutting it too short or making it resemble the Bataan Death March.

A quarter of a mile is too short.
A half of a mile is mere puppy's play.
Three-quarters of a mile is a little short from alright.
A mile makes for one tired Sweet Pea.

We fully expect her distance to continue to improve as she recovers from her kennelizing for the past months.  She's a big, strong girl who looooooves a powerful walk just as long as there aren't any birds around (she's a fan of wanting to chase after birds...birds of all things!).  So I wouldn't be surprised if we surpass the mile walk here in the next month.

Camera phone picture...yes, high quality.

I don't know if she's sore, because she pounces to the door at the sign of the leash.  I will say, I'm sore.  I've never been a power walker.  I power walk to the fridge, that's about it. So while I never asked for sore hips, sore shins, and sore ankles, I guess it's time those things got a workout.  But seriously, I'm being out-maneuvered by a dog.  WTH?  That wasn't mentioned in the adoption paperwork! ;)


  1. The amount of miles I have logged is insane in the two years of Oly's life. I recommend good shoes, and this,

    Looks weird, the whole clipping the leash in the front of them, but they are a MIRACLE. Dogs don't pull, lunge less, and it doesn't hinder them in anyway. When I put a normal halter on Oly where the clip is on her back she pulls like a fucking tank. Place the no pull halter on her, she's an angel.

  2. A mile is a warm up for my hyper 4 lb chihuahua, but that's about as far as I can carry her obese 12 lb brother. The 4 lb chihuahua also hunts birds. It's so sad that she never comes close. And she's terrified of baby birds that can't fly (because they're the same size as her).

  3. Aww! We pondered the same when we first got Penny. We would give her a long walk in the morning and a short one at night and that seemed to tame her puppy energy fits. Nothing, however, tires her out like the dog park. She runs around from dog to dog as if she is the park's welcoming comittee chair. 30-45 minutes on a Saturday morning at the park, and our dogs are good for the day! I love the dog park here because it has a track around it, so the hubs and I usually get our exercise in while keeping an eye on the pups (the boys typically follow us around). Congrats on becoming pet parents! You will have lots of fun adventures!

  4. Both of mine have actually caught birds. Our Boston Terrier caught a duck once. Unfortunately, she was still a puppy and the duck was bigger than her. Scared the crap out of her, and she ran a good half mile back to the apartment we lived in at the time.

    The other one just reached up a few months ago and pulled a robin out of the air. I watched her do it and still can't believe it. This dog is...not aerodynamic. This should not have been possible.