Thursday, January 13

hack attack

Do not believe what zhey tell you.  Zhis is a very hard life.  They givez me zis bed, this pretty pink collar, and take me on long adventurouz walks.  I don't know how I'll keep up. 

Oh, and make zhem bring me more squeaky balls.  I lovez zhem.  Zhey make beautiful noise and entertainment for hourz.

But I will say sorry for ze gas.  Zhe change in food from zhat crap the kennel fed me is causing a bit of abruption in ze systems.  But it just makes you love me more, no?  I'z so sweet.  No?


  1. This is the best blog I've read all day - it made me smile!

    What a cutie!! No?

  2. I wub her and want to squish her!

  3. Hey! This is Mel - I introduced you to Ms. Sweet Pea at the adoption event.

    I can't tell you how happy all these posts make me (and the rest of the rescue). We wish all our homes would update like this!! Sweet Pea was really special to me... people seemed to always overlook her but I always saw something so special in her. I knew you were both perfect for her when you saw that too... she really has found her happy ending.

    So happy for all of you!!! :) Keep up the fantastic posts and updates!! We can't get enough.

  4. Hey Mel!

    So glad you can catch up on Sweet Pea in action! We're doing great here. Today we're just lounging around.

    We love her more and more than the first day we met her. She's great. And she can even walk off leash around our building!

    Yes, we plan on having more updates as my family can't get enough of her. I just need to take more video to make a small montage!