Sunday, January 16

the lone girlfriend in the room of Navy Wives: Wives Group 101

The Officer Support Group (sometimes hilariously referred to as the "Knives Group") is the affiliation program for the Squadron wives that makes an excuse to get together once a month, bring along some grub, perhaps some beverages, and hang out with some other ladies who love men in uniform.

Just so you know, I'm the special invite to the club.  No marriage license necessary.  Just me.  And our long-term relationship.  Oh, and someone to sponsor my ass on base.  And high five me when necessary.  Usually after I juice 20 Arizona grapefruits, sieve those 2 quarts of juice, and make some damn good Greyhounds.

Now that I've officially survived 3 or 4 meetings, I can now say I know everything about Wives Groups. Just kidding.  I did sniff out a good lead on Girl Scout cookies when that time of the year comes though.

The Wives Group relays pertinent information for the group, contact information, and potential training times away (even before Mr. Wookie sometimes - muhahahah!) - anything that is critical for us to know.  This is good.

The Wives Group can also be "bitchy" in generalization.  This is not good.

Last night was the best Wives Group yet.  I hung out with the Department Head wives, snacking, yacking it up, crying we were laughing so hard, and leaving after Midnight despite the meeting going beyond the projected timeframe.  I may or may not have mentioned something revolving around lesbians, Subarus, and "coexist" stickers that had everyone in stitches of laughter.

I'm feeling at home with the ladies.  This is really good.

My first meeting, I've mentioned, wasn't as I expected.  I'm partially shy when introduced to new people, so that was going against me.  That and I was the only non-married one there.  So no sticking in numbers.  It's me against the music, and just me.  Oh, and let's mention, I'm the only one who brought a vegetable-based dish.  That's exactly what they want out of a new member.  Who is this girl?  Some liberal-ass hippie who's rather in a long-term relationship than jumping on the marriage wagon AND she's shoving vegetables down our throats?

So now they know...I bring vegetables.

And while after my first meeting in October, I wasn't sure if the Wives Group was really for me.  I told myself to try out 3 meetings to get a feel for it all.  I'm quite glad I stuck with it.  And I think I may be embarrassed to say, I kinda like these ladies.  They're a hoot.  And if Friday night is just the tip of the iceberg, I can't wait until our Ladies Night Out later this month.  Because that's just my style.  Nights out on the town.


  1. I'm glad you get along with them! I wish we had something similar like that here. I sort of made my own wives' group with the wives of Chris's friends - not that I'm complaining, because those ladies are awesome. But I was here almost a year before I started hanging out with them!

  2. Sounds fun and I'm glad you stuck with it. It's posts like these that make me have a little twinge of jealousy. The post OccDoc is normally stationed at has 3 soldiers on it (him included), so no wives club or anything like it. And I'm a few hundred miles away from the post he's deployed from and their wives club, although I've been told that he's not part of the squadron, so I'm not an official member. Awesome, my husband's just deployed with your husbands and making sure they live, but he's not one of them. That rocks. Oh, sorry, not supposed to be about me. :)

  3. I remember my first meeting...SCARY!!!! Glad it's going well for you!

  4. Funny! I feel the same way when I am initially in a new group. I would probably have quit and not gone back :)
    But, you set a good example by giving it a real shot---and it turned out well!