Friday, October 7

Celebrating my 28th birthday with Mr. Wookie, a bottle of wine, and fantastic home-made dinner.

The day started out like any other - minus I was woken up at 6:45am for a delicious breakfast (that even had Mr. Wookie's squadron mates impressed that he was up early to prepare such). In my day of birthday excellence, where I didn't even put on a bra for company (it was just Running Buddy), she spent the morning lounging away while we yammered on the upcoming boat schedules, flight schedules, dinners with other wives, and how her new neighbors on base may be selling some furniture (maybe a patio set!??!).

But before she left, the house wasn't complete without a Mylar balloon. My attitude about my birthday changed the more Facebook messages came in, Yes, it is my birthday - apparently I need to effin' enjoy this since it's only once a year...and that pesky 30 is coming closer. Gag.

But I ran my errands for the day, spent time in Target...because it's Target!, got my hair trimmed, and my nails did, then came home to a frantic Mr. Wookie condemning me to the bedroom. It was fine, we got some bills in the mail that I prepped for payment. But then he finally let me watch the Oregon vs. Cal football game that was on ESPN. Oooh, football on my birthday! Yes!! Unfortunately I didn't see LaMichael "I beat my pregnant baby mama" James get injured. Karma's a bitch.

Tangent over.

The evening started out with a Collection from Sterling Vineyards (we've been there in Napa, adored it, and constantly buy their wine).

With the wine, a cheese platter was made up to keep me distracted out of the kitchen. Yes, red wine with white's my birthday - BTFU. This distraction was gladly accept because I hadn't eaten since BREAKFAST. I know, I know! What can I say?? I get excited when I get a crazy delicious mystery meal is being made for me!

What?? No red pepper goat cheese for me??

Tiramisu. I can die happy...

The sauce for the crab mac 'n cheese.

Once I got bored watching the team who can't match jersey tops to bottoms, I joined Mr. Wookie in the kitchen under strict orders to stay outta his way. Okay, that's fine, I'll just sit on the counter while the dog drools at the smell of AWESOME. And I may or may not have professed my love for him over and over again. He's a catch.

Hollandaise sauce. GOOD! He's a stinkin' professional in the kitchen. The man even put asparagus on the menu despite despising it. But he's willing to deal with stinky urine for 24 hours in the sake of my birthday and the nutrients in it.

My birthday. The big 2-8.

Thank you, you modest personal chef you. It was fantastic. I'm sorry I get all soft and mushy, but you really are my best friend. Thanks for all the laughs and tears since you've been around pre-21st birthday. Each year is awesome and you constantly out-do yourself. Now where are my stretchy pants...I think the tiramisu made my pants tight. Because it definitely wasn't the bottle of wine we split.


  1. Awww. That sounds like a perfect birthday. I am glad you had a fantastic day. I also love the pictures of your sad faced puppy because she didn't get to share. lol Too cute. Happy birthday again!

  2. What a nice birthday! That meal looks amazing. And stretchy yoga pants are always, always best after a birthday dinner. And, there is no judgement, because it's your birthday. lol

  3. Dang, you are lucky to have him around! :) That's nicer than most restaurants in town. Glad you had a great day. You've still got two whole years in the glorious 20s, so don't sweat it yet. ;)

  4. Oh goodness. This made me cry. I miss you both. November is too far away.

  5. Also, can we trade? Seriously... I'd like to be pampered on a special day... like, at least once in my life.