Friday, October 21

Baby Emma: touching hearts 900 miles away.

Middle Sister isn't liking living away from family. With Little Man, she was mere hours drive time to be with my little nephew. Welcome to living afar when family life grows on. It's not desirable. In the perfect world where money grows on trees, or from trust funds, we could jump a private jet for Oregon to hang out with the little beauty. Instead, I have responsibilities here and the not-so-deep wallet for routine trips to Oregon to see family.

This is when Skype becomes so important. I'm so thankful for modern conveniences where I can webcam with my dad (Grandpa "part deux" as he calls it) and Little Man, and enjoy the child development of the family.

I talked with the proud Grandpa yesterday as we were discussing the photos that would be available online (we have a family/joint Photobucket account so we can mass-upload in events like these). She looks so angelic (and you know I'm not a fan of children, really). It must be the bow. Because my ovaries don't react in a positive way....ever.

Maybe...just maybe I could take 9 months out of my social drinking to grow a short version of a human. A couple years down the road. Because I'm already on a vodka pineapple it'll have to wait. Obviously.

But then I think about meltdowns when the child is 2 years old.

And I think about the vodka again...

So your burning question: "When will I meet the new addition?" Probably Spring Break. But I never point favoritism for just meeting a new child. I'm always a fan of seeing my Brother and Sister-in-Law also. Because without them, humping would never lead to little ladies who rock pink headbands and hope their older brother doesn't sabotage their dating career. That and they don't require diaper changes. Babies do...

Too early to discuss dating?

No such thing. Besides, Brother owns guns. He's already prepared for 16 years later.

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