Thursday, October 20

Dear blog, sorry for the neglect. I still loves you.

In honor of the text dumps I've seen in the blogosphere lately, it's time for mine.

- Mr. Wookie survived his Kangaroo which he spent the night with the Junior Officers camping out on the beach. His perfect timing home was just as I was taking bacon out of the oven (yes, I cook bacon in the oven). So I had to share half my porkly squandor. ...wahwah...

- We are closing in on the weekend my parents will be visiting! Eeek!!

- The weather here has been beautifully Oregonian, with today being completely cloudy with the touch of sprinkling. Almost perfect.

- I still watch Extreme Couponing...and constantly yell at the television. I don't know why I watch. It's addicting. But I can't stop hoping people hear me - just because you have coupons for candy bars, doesn't mean you need them...

- I have less than 4 weeks until my Malibu half marathon. Am I ready? Heck no. Will I still run? Heck yes.

- I hope to see at least the backside of a celebrity as they PR.

- Oh, Mr. Wookie left again Tuesday. Yup, we're in the throws of pre-deployment training. I feel so green behind the ears that I'm not fearing anything about this process. Yes, he's not here more times than not. But we're so weird in our relationship that we can handle weeks apart and zero communication that being separated isn't that big of a deal.

- So to answer the question, yes, Sweet Pea has been joining me during my unconscious episodes (and I intend for this to mean sleep, but then I realized that people will probably read that I drink myself into a stupor...which is not the case, at all. Promise. We always know when to call it a night. And that's before tequila is mentioned...).

- Oh, and this gem graced the world a little earlier than planned. Due November 12th, Lil' Emma joined her family late last night at 7 lbs, 1 oz. to the proud parents of my Brother and Sister-in-Law. Fully baked, this lil beauty will discharge tomorrow and continue rockin' her brunette hair (Middle Sister is so proud of this!) as the latest member of this family of four.


  1. Aww...she's adorable! Congrats to all of your family!
    When we were going through pre-deployment training I didn't really fear anything either. I didn't know what to expect so I just went with the flow. Plus, as you said, you get used to the on again, off again style of communication and seeing each other that it seems like no big deal. Makes the time you are together that much better!
    Good luck with your half-marathon!

  2. She is gorgeous! Congrats you Auntie you! Mrs Wookie though, we need to discuss something. Of course if you have coupons for candy bars you must buy them. If you don't other people could buy them, and then you wouldn't have them. Plus, 55cents off, how do you pass on a deal like that? A deal of a lifetime. Which is why you then must buy 50. lol jk The things people buy just because they have coupons is ridiculous! On the flip side though, I wish I could figure out how to use coupons without actually spending even more money. Oops.

  3. ZOMG! Mark was ready to inject me with a sedative the other day while we were watching "extreme couponing". The Narrator said "these items, a staple in the kids' lunches, will be a money maker". THE ITEMS WERE CHIPS AHOY COOKIES!!! WHO THE EFF MAKES THAT A STAPLE IN THEIR KIDS' LUNCHES??????? GAAAAAAAH.
    And congrats to big brother ging and family. I'm glad this whole thing went smoother than with LR, that has to be a good feeling for them.