Tuesday, October 11

Please don't be food poisoning...

Last night I was forced to "indulge" in a brandy on the rocks...because thanks to Google, having a cocktail might prevent the onset of food poisoning.

Yes, this is Mr. Wookie's logic.

About an hour after I had my dessert (leftover birthday tiramisu), I started to feel off. I thought maybe my blood sugar was dipping since dinner, but I knew it wasn't enough time for that to happen. Then I thought maybe I'm still dehydrated from our weekend backpacking trip, so I got my water bottle and started pounding the fluids. Then I voiced the uneasiness of my stomach with Mr. Wookie.

"Yeah, I felt that about 30 minutes ago."

Screeeeeech. What!?!?!

We've both experienced food poisoning before. The other time was in college. We had picked up Chinese take-out from a restaurant up on 53rd (Baby Sister, so you know which place), and had taken it back to his apartment for movies and grub. Fast forward, I'm feeling really woozy. So Mr. Wookie rolls over to Safeway (aka Vons to us SoCal-ers) and picks up a vat of Pepto.

Fast forward an hour, Mr. Wookie has joined me in exchanging the Pepto bottle as we both lean our head on the toilet. It was then you know you can almost face anything together. Minus...when the food poisoning makes a disastrous "exit." That's just a whole different can of worms meant for different sides of the house.

So I had an ounce of brandy on the rocks, felt decent enough to try sleeping, so I did.

Now it's morning. And the underlying "blah" feeling is still there. Do I eat my obligatory Cheerios for breakfast for fear of yacking them up? Or do I play it safe with some toast?? Mr. Wookie doesn't feel a thing thanks to his iron gullet (or it could have been that he immediately combated the feeling of queasiness with Scotch on the rocks instead of trying to tough it out??), so he's dressed for PT and ready for the day.

My dainty lady stomach - what the heck??


  1. I have a dainty stomach as well. It's a curse. I hope you're feeling better by the time I'm writing this!

  2. Yuck. I hope you're feeling better and that it wasn't food poisoning!