Friday, October 28

YOU totally want to help SOCAL BULLDOG RESCUE!

Y'all should know Miss Sweet Pea's sad rescue story until she found the dashing home of Wookie & Co. where we spoil her with trash cans of paper to sneak her muzzle into, Kong bones of peanut butter and Beggin' Strips, and a shared bed when Mr. Wookie's gone.

Oh, you don't?? Well read here.

I'm asking a massive favor here. Have a Twitter account?? You can help!!

Go to: "The JDHF" twitter page :!/JasonHeiglFound (Blogger wouldn't hyperlink it for some reason this morning...#douches).

Type in: "(Handle) is following @JasonHeiglFound for #scbr!!"

Then actually follow them ( can delete them later. I will.).

SCBR is about 30 votes behind the leader NOW IN THE LEAD! Let's do this!

The very rescue group (SoCal Bulldog Rescue) that took in SP when first abandoned is in heavy competition for $7,000 that they could really use. Like really. They have 50+ bulldogs in rescue, some requiring ear ablations or cherry eye surgeries (which aren't cheap!), and would be more than grateful for the funds for their crusading work. None of it goes towards salary - all are volunteers who merely have a heart for dogs with former butt-puppet owners. #assclowns

Please. Pretty please. I did it. Let's make it like a game. I'll help #scbr if you will. And I did. So it's your turn. Long onto your Twitter and follow the instructions. I'll love you "fur-ever."


  1. Okay, I tweeted (but this does not mean I'm going back to actually using Twitter). And hey, just a suggestion to get more participation, can you hyperlink to the twitter page of the foundation we need to follow. The directions were hard to see on my shitastic computer. Wait, is shitastic actually a word? My spellchecker didn't underline it! Oh, this is going to be a GOOD day, I just know it!