Wednesday, October 26

Double, double, banana bread trouble.

Thanks to the farm stand for the dead bananas. They couldn't have had a better sign, "FREE." That's the way it should be with dying produce. Don't throw it away to rot in the landfill. Give it up to those who are technically allergic to the potassium-heavy fruit, but are more than capable of enjoying their baked bounty. So I grabbed two 6-fingered clumps of 'nanners and rung up the rest of my produce.

What recipe did I use?? Just the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that I got going away to college. No need to fancy up banana bread to me. The ol' fashioned works!

And because a slice o' bread isn't worth it until there's a heavy smear of buttah. Because we need to grow heavy coats in this part of the country. It's cold here. Brrr....

Excuse me while I lick the bread knife clean.

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