Saturday, October 15

Waiting for Mr. Wookie

I'm on standby, waiting, right by the phone, in case someone needs a ride home. You see, Mr. Wookie is not home. Well...he is home...after being gone this week...(he got in super late and left super early, so I've seen him for maybe 20 minutes total), but he's not home right now. He's "away" defending his good name and title in a little Navy tradition known as the "Kangaroo Court."

Unbeknownst to me since our arrival, there's a board in the Ready Room that tallies everyone's "faults." Every time you get called out for a fault (say you get promoted in your khakis and fail to apply the new insignia to the rest of your uniforms...then you come in with the lower rank on your shoulders),'re charged $5. This is the only thing Mr. Wookie has been charged with and will subsequently pay for.

Most other people aren't that lucky. In fact, Mr. Wookie's one of these lowest owe-rs.

So tonight was the mock trial where everyone can plead their failed case about taking phone calls from wives/girlfriends in the Commanding Officer's presence, not remaking the coffee after taking the last cup, locking the computer with your ID, or leaving your ID on base and requiring a chauffeur the following morning into the squadron. The charges range but the fines are the same. Pay up.

Plus the money goes to a good cause though - supporting the squadron.

So tonight we're $5 poorer as Mr. Wookie rocked his LTJG bars while a newly promoted LT while standing duty that day. Woops.


  1. LOL! OMG OccDoc would bankrupt us for the number of times he leaves his card in his computer or his badge on his desk. Glad you're only out 5 bucks!

  2. That's funny how different communities do different kangaroo courts - NavyGuy's kangaroo court included the official "call-sign" naming for the new guys in the group. There were also crazy costumes. Hope Mr. Wookie had fun!