Thursday, October 6

You may have heard today is my birthday.

Yes, it is. I'm gathering one more year on Earth as an awesome redhead with parents, siblings, adopted grandparents, parents, and siblings (I'm talking Mr. Wookie's crew).

But I never like birthdays. I mean, I do. Sometimes. When it's cheerful and happy, but then I realize that each day is one more day where a wrinkle will set in, gravity will havoc my flesh, and I'm thismuchcloser to Mr. Wookie trading me in for a new model (that's his joke since I'm actually older than he is - hmpphhhh!!!!).

But the party started early. On Tuesday to be exact. I came home from work with a homeless box on my stoop. Nope, definitely not a million dollars.

Holy peanut butter and fudgsicles, Batman! Shut your face. Shut the front door. What is this!?! Could my unabashed 'pinning' on Pinterest have led to the greatest Beaver Gear known to "eco-friendly people" (I'd say 'hippie,' but let's be honest - I shower. I vote (not just one party). But damn, do I recycle.)???? A bright-ass orange market basket for when I shop the farmer's markets. Do you know how difficult it is to load lettuce into a floppy polypropylene bag?? Darn difficult. But now I can load lettuce with ease. And poblano peppers, corn, eggs, strawberries, and radish shoots (no, really...delicious!).

And yes, I swear there's artwork in the bathroom that ties in the red hand towel and the shower curtain. It's just on the same wall as the mirror. Sorry folks.

And an awkward side view of the basket. More like an awkward pose, but that's my issue. #NextTopModelfail I'm pretty sure you could fit a newborn in here. Let's try!

So on today's schedule is pampering. No working. Not for me. I have my standard 8-week hair trim today, so I'll get a mad shampoo to make me giggle. And probably champagne. Then I have a nail appointment, because I felt like being pampered some more. And sometime today, I'll mosey down to Macy's to hopefully score a free makeover while getting a new lipgloss (we're almost out of our favorite MAC hot pink gloss).

Today started out great though. And a little misty-eyed. I was summoned for breakfast of a Queen. All this, and Mr. Wookie couldn't even join me (squadron PT is his priority). Yes, that's a mimosa. Yes, it was perfect. *wink* So my belly started out right this morning with french toast, pig product, mostly champagne, a cup o' coffee, and my favorite: Gerbera daisies. I still don't know where he hid those!?! That sneaky boy!! I need anything?? Well besides a hair cut, manicure, and lip gloss....well company for dinner would be awesome. Unless Uncle Sam has other plans, which wouldn't surprise me. But then again, there's always the opened champagne bottle in the fridge.

Mrs. Wookie: Birthday Party of One!


  1. That is a fabulous bag! And I hope you have a very happy birthday! Oh, have you ever tried a mimosa with passion fruit juice? Might I suggest that you do?

  2. Ooooo - I haven't. But now I'm intrigued. Great...shit-housed on my birthday with all new mimosa combinations. Happy birthday to me! ;)

  3. Happy birthday bestest. Now, go shop!

  4. Happy Birthday Mrs. Wookie! Stupid Navy making you spend your birthday solo. If I had more cajones, I'd call in a bomb threat to Wookie's base so he'd get the rest of the day off and could spend it bringing you mimosas on the couch :)

  5. Happy Birthday! I love that bag! I have a green one, but the orange is WAY cooler! Hope you enjoyed your day of pampering! :)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm jealous, sounds like you have quite the lovely day ahead of you!

  7. Happy, happy, birthday. That is a kickass basket. But it would be better served in a Clemson orange. :)

  8. Happy Birthday! I love, love, love that eco-friendly farmers market basket. I would also like to point out it would be fantastically perfect to carry jugs of vodka to tailgate with too. Very versatile! Hope you get bday dinner with the Mr. Wookie!

  9. [I really need a better way to manage comments!! IntenseDebate?? JS-Kit??]


    @Jane, you'!!! Omg...I'd die!

    @NavyGirl, oh how I'd love constant mimosa love on the couch. Then he could drive me to my hair and nail appts. Birthday of a Queen!!

  10. Happy Birthday! I have a tote like that and it's amazaballs for farmer's markets :)
    Enjoy your mimosas and I hope you have some fabulous dinner company.

  11. Happy birthday! Looks awesome. :)

  12. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day.