Friday, October 21

Milspouse Friday Fill-In from SoCal!

  1. I want a lot of things. But that's the difference between wants and needs with life. I want a fridge that stocks itself, a dog that walks itself, and dishes that are put into the cupboard post-wash cycle. I'd like a trust fund too. But that's a long shot. So until then, I want sheets that are half flannel and half sateen that aren't ridiculously priced. Yes, they make these.
  2. I have  a dog that reminds me she's cute. I have a man that defends freedom. And I have a USAA bank account that doesn't charge $5/debit transaction. 
  3. I wish teeth whitening strips didn't taste like ass.
  4. I hope  we're able to find patio furniture that fits are 'wants.' We don't feel like our wish list is excessive. All we want: 2 chairs, with 2 ottomans, and a cocktail table in the middle...that's comfortable...and will last more than one summer season.
  5. I wonder  if one is ever happy with life or if there's a constant need for the anti-stagnancy. I feel like since adopting the military lifestyle, I don't like being with the same schedule/lifestyle/arrangement for too long. It's like I itch for change. But then again, I cringe at change. So what the heck is wrong with me? Maybe because vodka companies keep their recipes the same, it's not big deal. ;)

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