Sunday, August 12

Only when you're alone can you really learn your weakness.

"If the shoe doesn't fit, must we change the foot?" -- Gloria Steinem

If you've ever been concerned about my fashion sense, now's the time - seriously, Safari-esque jacket, tribal dress, thigh peekaboo, and leopard shoes. Trust me, I didn't leave the house like this. I just had to break in the shoes.

If there was one thing I learned in my time away from Mr. Wookie, it's that damn, nothing makes the month feel better than picking up a pair of new shoes. Now before you go all materialistic on my ass, just know I have a severe tendency to buy one pair of shoes, love the shit out of them, and wear them into the ground. I believe firmly that shoes are an investment (not Skinny Runner kind of investment), but an investment into the sanity of your body.

Fun fact: I don't buy non-ergonomic shoes.

Cue granny walkers and Metamucil.

I'm the crazy twenty-something that buys shoes with arch support, a heel cup, and dancing room for my toes.

And I love it.

So you're thinking to yourself, "Where in the world do you get ergonomic shoes without hitting up a retirement community? And do I have to go before my Denny's 4pm Silver Dinner Special??"

No, you don't. And they market towards the non-AARP crowd. Trust me. I'm a doctor.

My favorites are Naturalizer, Clarks, Birkenstocks, and Report, if you had to peek into my closet.

So when I was out shopping one lunch break, at my local Naturalizer Outlet store, needing another neutral color shoe for my wardrobe (since the warm-toned brown flats bought 6 months ago are starting to have sloping heels from excessive mileage), I about died when the leopard print shoe caught my eye. Why hello?? I didn't even text-versate with Mommy McD on this purchase. They were all MINE!

Shoes: my weakness. Why? Because my feet are a normal size. I don't have to shop at the for clothes to fit my legs and monkey arms. I can go anywhere. Maybe this is why Mr. Wookie doesn't like going to the NEX- they carry Naturalizer. :) I'm a 5'10.789" female with a dainty Size 8 foot. Yes, my balance is terrible. Yes, I know this is compounded when I happen to drink too much. Yes, that's why I don't drink.



So in the timeframe Mr. Wookie was gone, I brought home two pairs of homeless shoes. Without a dog, I'm left to evil devices. That's roughly a pair of shoes per month. Gasp. This is going to be bad. Mr. Wookie has a very long deployment coming up. And the closet is only so big. Looks like it's time to start rearranging things. And I know what you're thinking, Mrs. Wookie, you're so charitable in helping those homeless shoes. I do what I can - I'm the Mother Teresa of footwear.


  1. We need to go get a pedicure and put some non-neutral into that scene there.

  2. Hmmmmm. I thought you were the one who said she wouldn't wear an animal print.
    What's that on your feet?

  3. Oh, I am SO right there with you with the Clarks and Naturalizers! Famous Footwear always has a good selection of both! ;)

  4. Shoes make so many things better.