Saturday, August 4

You get those traps, Mr. Wookie

Official photo from the USS Summa Time

It's official: Operational flights have ceased and Mr. Wookie can breath a sigh of relief as the exercise has closed in the air, and the boys can begin to make their way home. We still have toes and fingers-amount of days until they're home, but I need to start getting the house back in working order since I live pretty much like a frat boy.

I've received great news though. Mr. Wookie had to punch a hole in his belt since he's lost weight while being on the boat. Apparently the combination of boat food, and cycling (apparently the weights portion of the gym is overrun with 19-year-olds who think they can flex has caused Mr. Wookie to seek out the quiet areas of the gym), has made for a more svelte Mr. Wookie. I'm kinda excited to see him now! You probably can't tell he's any skinnier (he's second from the right), but I know I see a difference! He looks so skinny now (yes, I know he resembles a low-land mountain gorilla - but still, he's skinny!).

Oh, yes, and the caterpillar on his face. He says he's over it and will shave it off first step on home turf. So that makes me curious. Is a handful of weeks during the summer too much for your 'stache-ing capabilities?? We still have that deployment coming up - then what?? That'll definitely be some 'stache growth. Seriously. I don't know how he'll manage that. But good luck to him. I won't need any help in growing out my leg hairs - please, that shit is easy.

So I've got some cleaning to do, shopping to do (we need liquor, man foods, and cleaning products), mowing of the Cambodian jungle also known as a back yard, sleep, Girls' Night In with my squadron ladies, a facial at 1pm, a laundry pile that looks like Kilimanjaro - all within his estimated date of (probably going to be delayed) arrival. This all is too much to do in one sitting. That's why there's wine. So I can rehydrate in the midst. That and cleaning the house will take some time - first stop: Home Depot. I need a chisel for the bathroom. Remember, frat boys aren't clean.

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  1. First thing I said when I saw the picture:
    "Whoa, Big One took a page out of Small One's book". You'll have to get some non-flight suit pics of skinny him.