Monday, August 6

Within the metal hull: Life on a boat in an E-2 squadron

So if you're lucky, you read Marrying the Navy; And because she's such a peach in the blogging department, and an aviator's better half (go team!), she actually got to tour the aircraft carrier NavyGuy is on this summer and documented the beautiful gray on gray color scheme most parts of the ship contain.

Okay, okay, "beautiful" isn't the right term, but whatever. I know when I mention bringing gray into our home in either a pillow, wall color, accent lamp, or such, I get,..."Babe, the boat is gray. Are you trying to depress me?"

Oh, sorry. I forget.

So the boat brings nightmares (although I expect those tropical and exotic port calls to more than make up for things), there's something Mr. Wookie has been looking forward to.

The decorating.

But let's talk first about the boring ways you can decorate a Ready Room.

Exhibit A

And sadly I'm too lazy to Google other Ready Rooms to compare, but seriously white walls? Fluorescent lighting? Is that the best that can be done?? This squadron really needs a Mr. Wookie. See below, and you'll know why.

Let's take, for instance, Mr. Wookie's Ready Room on the USS Summa Time.

Yes, this is Mr. Wookie's real-life Ready Room. I'm not kidding. For those non-Navy readers, this is where all briefings and action happens (you see the projector, white board, distinguished chairs facing in that direction). It's the hub of the squadron; it's where you squeeze every Junior Officer, Department Head, XO, and Skipper (although the latter three all have designated chairs) for morning meetings, testing, safety stand-downs, and the like. It's where you get business done.

Also in the Ready Room is the small "lounge" near the red trunk (which may or may not be the "Cruise box" who are 'in the know'). And lastly there's the desk on the left of the screen with the two laptops that are used by the JOs to email their mamas, lifetime domestic partners (hurray!), the few with actual wives, and friends off the boat.

in my opinion, THIS is how a Ready Room should be done. Am I partial? Of course I am. Because it was designed largely by Mr. Wookie. Seriously, his inner gay is AMAZING. Flooring: Home Depot. Faux brick panels: Someplace else. Marquee sign: Hand-freaking-painted in our garage. Yup. Mr. Wookie custom-made that bad-boy for our annual Hawkeye Ball (which is a BLAST!); but after receiving a letter from the Commodore for his efforts with it, it was unanimously voted to re-purpose it for the deployment. And thank goodness. Would you want a 6' marquee sign occupying space in your garage?? Yeah, exactly what I thought.

Now, I have an idea of what you may be thinking?

Mrs. Wookie, are you sure he's not a Nate Berkus (you know, gay)? Is that why you're not married?


I don't get it either. But being a Libra, who can struggle with the decision of tuna melt or hot pastrami sandwich, he's definitely the best thing about PCSing. "Babe, where should we put this, here or here?" He picks which he likes, which makes our house come together that much quicker.

I can't imagine what life would be like if I had to unpack post-PCS without him. I'd at least have the "necessities" found: liquor, Internet, and my 4" featherbed (seriously, post to come).

So life on the boat can be trying, sometimes (flights at all hours of the night, boat food that gives you butt-sludge, etc.), but when you have a place like that to call home - it can't be that bad. Or if you need a pick-me-up, find a Marine Ready Room - there's nothing like excessive camo netting to make you appreciate the finer things in life, like red mood lighting.


  1. Thanks for the inside peek into the aircraft carrier world. SO different that our Army existence. When we were in San Diego a couple of years ago, we toured the USS Midway...very cool!

  2. Speechless. Absolutely speechless.

    I was going to send the pic of Mr. Wookie's ready room to NavyGuy, but I think he would actually cry. Amazing! And the sign he made is unbelievable - I see a possible post-Navy career in design :)

    (And thanks for the shout-out... you are equally peachy!)

  3. My sir would die if I sent him a photo of that fancy ready room. That's impressive.

    PS: I love that you say USS Summa Time.

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