Thursday, August 16

So it was Mama Ging's 29th Birthday yesterday.

And like any good daughter...I posted a note on Facebook and called it good.

Mrs. Wookie, are you finally recapping Middle Sister's wedding??? A year later??

That's all you need to do in the modern day, right?

You don't need to call your mother to wish her a Happy Birthday. No. Nor do you have to schedule future pedicures with her upcoming travels to the Southern California coastline to visit the Wookie & Company household (sans Mr. Wookie though, he'll back on the boat for a couple more months). Nope. You don't have to talk about recovering the infamous Victorian chair that's currently rocking a duct-taped pattern that Chanel might use in next season's fashions. Nil. And there wasn't conversation about how usually the weather is just perfect for hammocks and iced tea (Mama Ging, not a big drinker) - and to not worry when our friendly neighbor pops his head over to chat. Nada.

So while any birthday antics will be belated as the 900-mile divide is a bitch in making for traditional Sunday dinners (and a beverage with the Sheriff), we'll easily make up for it. Plus, Middle Sister will be there and we're a fun force to be reckoned with. There'll be some IKEAing, home-cooked meals, sightseeing, celebrity stalking, shopping, and probably some Father of the Bride. We just have some movies worth watching over and over again...which is why the Sheriff always packs his laptop (he can't not find videos online like this).

And don't worry about Baby Sister, she's got her own plans in the works to visit.

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