Saturday, August 11

Welcome Home, USS Summa Time

I've been a bag of questions since Mr. Wookie has been home - mostly, I'm curious how the rest of the squadron finds out when the boat is pulling in and their boots will be on the ground. I feel like being attached to a Naval Aviator (and thusly being an Officer), that I receive more privileged information due to Mr. Wookie's job. Apparently, that's not the case. And not to think I'm better because of Mr. Wookie's status, I honestly just thought that sometimes there are perks to his job. Nope. Everyone is equal in getting knowledge at coming home. The Officers just get the perk of leaving the boat days early since the aircraft needs to be home first (and a thanks to the neighbor squadron for landing them this week).

But after this week, there's no more need for coded discussion for dates, movements, and homecomings.

Mr. Wookie's entire squadron is safely home from the USS Summa Time

They've had a very busy summer of international training exercises with heavy-flying days, aircraft that needed maintenance, very important people on board (like the Secretary of the Navy - who met Mr. Wookie, asked where the Caveman was from, inquisition'd him, "Beavs or Ducks?," then congratulated him on his choice of education. Seriously.), two port calls, a handful of emails back home when the Internet wasn't down, and limited coffee since apparently right after pulling out of Pearl Harbor the stash was out. Again, seriously.

This squadron is working hard in the work-up cycle before deployment and have earned some days off. Lord knows they're leaving all too soon again. But hey, it just makes deployment's homecoming that much better. And maybe each mini-homecoming will make my cleaning skills that much better.


  1. I totally thought you were privileged with information too :) Good to know for an enlisted's wife!! And again, welcome home!!!

  2. Yay! This makes me so happy for you!