Monday, November 15

Commenting and Replying

I'm going to take a page off of JG's blog Me and my Soldierman in hopes of reminding those who comment to make sure their reply emails are set.  How sad is it to have readers comment on the retardedness of our lives, then I can't have a conversation with them via email because it's ""

So for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster...let's set your email.  Ready, set, cook!  Oh wait, wrong show.  But back to business, I want to talk Half Marathons next year, I want to talk the ridiculous of my college's football team and how we're having SuckFest '10, and I want to harass you since you're dedicated enough to my blogging world to step away from the lurking and love me.

So let's get shakin', bacon...

@Bohemian Redhead, yes, I was eye-balling the Montecito Half Marathon...but I've been having a change of heart lately

a.) It's a 30-minute drive away. 
b.) The course won't be flat.
c.) The costs still aren't out yet.

Instead, I'm thinking of the Wounded Warrior Half in September, because it's super cheap and represents my military peoples.  #HighFive.  That and I think I've convinced Middle Sister to try just one Half Marathon.  And what's better than strapping down some boobies for 13.1 miles (us sisters are...umm...endowed).

That and the Santa to the Sea Half next year (I've contacted the Volunteer Coordinator for this one to help out next month...because I'm totally not trying to get that 50%-off entry fee for next year.).  So we'll see...but I'll totally be an e-training buddy with you for that.  And I'd invite you to drive on over and run with me...and then "rehydrate" after the race.  And we can talk freckles, sunscreen, and the latest celebrity to go red.

And for everyone else, let's get some mailing going on.  Because it's not fun to have a great comment, by someone who has an equally awesome blog, and I can't make snide comments on the side about how I have small feet for someone my size which leads to the balance of a newborn giraffe.  I've been told this on multiple occasions.

Oh, and Happy Monday.


  1. 1. Yeah, what is up with your football team? I mean, I don't even follow college football, and I know things are not looking pretty for your beloved Beavers are blowing it ;)

    2. I do not understand this whole "paying" to run 13 miles thing... shouldn't they be paying you?

    3. I found an extra ziplock baggie of Cheerios I had stashed in my purse for a car trip snack, so we're down to DEFCON 2.

    4. I'm highly in favor of listing items in comments. Or in blog posts. It's typically the only way I can keep track of what's rattling around in my brain.

  2. Do both! Montecito Half Marathon would be amazing because HELLO you might get to run past Oprah's house.

    Bonus points.

  3. @NavyGirl...I love my team dearly, as does Ms. Olympia, but sometimes you have to embrace the suck. Or just watch the games intoxicated. Because that'll make testicular cancer even fun.

    And the running. Yes, it sucks to pay for pain. But think of it this way. Lower bar tab. Because you're dehydrated...higher results with lower costs. And this economy could use the boost. And there's nothing like endorsing running to lower your chances of diabetes before indulging in a dark beer that has antioxidants to cure free radicals.

    @Ashley...gimme an address and watch me get on TMZ!

  4. See, and i think I have big feet for a person my size. I have a 6.5 and I'm a hair shy of 5'0". But I have kick-ass balance! Maybe it's the feet.