Saturday, November 27

Squashing my dreams, one pair of Birkenstocks at a time.

Remember those orange shoes I taunted my readers with?  Wait, you mean you don't?  Okay, well go back to that post, now, to refresh your mind, then come back to me.

It's okay, I'll wait.

[Cue jeopardy music]

Let's fast-forward ahead to to having my dreams squashed.  In Corvallis, last weekend, I questioned my loyal readers with questions over how much they loved the shoes.

But there was no love.  None.  

Baby Sister stated, "It looked like you Google'd 'ugliest lesbian shoe' and that's what popped up."  EVERYONE hated them.  I was alone, in the corner, like a 14-year-old sold into prostitution, cowering with my leftover feelings because my feet would remain nekkid this winter.  No orange shoes.  No love.  Just tears.

Okay, I didn't really cry, but it still sucks to have what-I-thought-to-be-cute-shoes shot down worse than a kamikaze at Pearl Harbor.

So we're trying this again.

I've found a different pair of Birkenstocks that I can slip on before heading out the door for groceries, drug deals, and job interviews with drum circles and circus troupes.  And this pair might be love.  Or lust.  Or a one-night stand at the local Birkenstock dealer.  It's okay, I'll wear thick socks as protection.
Meet the Graz!

Same price ($130).  Same intentions of putting them on my Christmas list.

But I kinda want to turn the tables on you, my readers.  What do you recommend for me???

I want to wear my thick, winter socks in the brisk turning-from-75-to-60-degree-Californian-weather and a shoe that doesn't require effort in putting on...because I'm lazy like that.  And something that'll fit Santa's wallet.  Which is more than mine, because he's got a killer 401(k) contribution.

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  1. Sorry, but I like the orange ones better. Maybe I'm not seeing them as "that" orange.
    so....if this Santa has a vote, there you have it.
    As long as you feel that you can wear them with a lot of outfits, I think they would be worth the purchase.
    Love, Santa