Thursday, November 4

Stretching out my 27th birthday

Mommy McD and I should invest in better calendaring systems since we never get around to celebrating each other's birthday in their appropriate months.  Woops.  And I even mark it down in a planner.  How's that for friendship?

But anyways, this bright-ass package arrived via USPS Monday (?) for my hot little hands.  And it's either from Elton John or Mommy McD.  And since Elton and I had a falling out some years ago because I thought he could do better in finding a better looking husband, he's been avoiding me like the plague.  Sorry, EJ.

We chronicle this work as, "Box o' Shit.  Happy Birthday, bitch."

Yes, I'm sitting on my floor.  I needed a steak knife to open the package.  Don't judge.  Ass.  And to note, this lovely pink post-consumer travel mug made me freak out.  Freak.  You see, all they ever had was brown. Yes, ow now brown cow.  And that's not cute at all.  Unless, I'm explaining from the rooftops that I love scotch, scotch, scotch.  So McD saw this and scooped it up for me.  I prayed 5 times toward D.C. that day.  Amaze-balls.

And to round out the festivus, some awesome flexible cutting boards.  We have 1 large wooden block and 2 plastic boards in our stock.  And somehow we always need more.  It might be the insane veggies eating that goes on here.  But now we have MORE!  Along with a couple mud masks, bath balls (yes, I said balls), and some eco-friendly note pads.  Because we're a post-consumer kind of friendship.  Minus when we get pedicures.  I want fresh water please.


  1. There's a surprise inside those balls...

  2. I know! I think I may take a night that Wook's working, mask it up, wine it up, and bath ball it up. Party for one, your table is ready now. Not sure when he'll leave next though. Definitely for parts of next year. Yay!