Wednesday, November 3

Happy (Hungover) Halloween.

Halloween wasn't going to be as awesome as last year.  No big crowds thanks to coworkers, no website needed (I'd link the website I made for last year's party, but it got a little carried away and people stopped by to ask if it was an open party...before the actual I had to administer a login page...and now I can't remember the log in.  Fail.  I know.  But how awesome is it to have a simple house party turn viral??).

This year it was on a Sunday, so like any good part of the Navy.  The Squadron had the day off.  So when I wrote this, Mr. Wookie was playing videogames I mean, errr, defending our freedom with extracurricular training devices.

So for Halloween this year, I decided to lame it up.  Because without a killer party to attend, creativity limits itself naturally.

Take one lame dress that only a Zoo employee would wear that was in the donate pile anyway.  Free = happy Ging.

Take one bucket of HOT water, one "Royal Blue" dye pack from Joann's, and an hour of your time while you stir the bucket of dress, water, and dye like you're making cream on the Oregon Trail before your brother gets run over by oxen and becomes a paraplegic.

Throw in the wash on warm, with a cold rinse, praying your machines don't turn all Smurf-like inside because that's the last thing I need to ruin.  Dry accordingly.

Terrorize bathroom with make-up galore, dye instructions, remnants of experiment, and the lack of societal awareness like a good 1950's housewife.  Now go fetch your husband his slippers, a cocktail, and have dinner on the table.

The night began at a house on the beach.  From there, we cab'd it to Downtown Ventura.  Then lived it up watched how the whole city was dead for minus 200 people (total) out in costume.  Two words: Weak Sauce.  People went out on Saturday night instead like little bitches.  Suck it up.  Be hungover on Monday.  How dare you judge the calendar.  Because in its eyes, you failed.

So I've had better Halloweens.  That's okay.  Just another point of awesome for our favorite Norfolk, Virginia location.

And this was my favorite costume from the whole night.

But then last call came, and we cab'd back home to where we started.  But...we weren't in the ability to drive.  And were out of room to sleep.  So...we slept in the back of Mr. Wookie's Jeep.  Like rockstars.  Frozen rockstars.  Then sometime later, I woke up, obviously freezing, no longer intoxicated, and made the call to drive us home.  It was dark out.  I had eye boogies in my eyes naturally, from sleep.  So thank goodness we made it home.  We thawed out, crawled into bed, and woke up sometime later.  And Mr. Wookie's digestive tract didn't have any issues.  Yes.

Rating: 3 / 5 stars

Yes, we were able to go out.  Yes, I had comfortable shoes on.  Yes, Downtown Ventura had more costumes than Downtown Norfolk did (they were lame and DIDN'T dress up) despite the slow outcome for a Sunday.  But we did have to sleep in his Jeep.  I so should have been a lame snowboarder for Halloween.  At least I would have been warm.

We recovered, minus Mr. Wookie's claims of, "I'm never touching alcohol again."  Riiiight.  I've heard that before.  And guess what, it doesn't work.  Because we totally had a Mothership Wit last night after he got home from work.  Nice work, Ghandi.


  1. I love the dress! I don't understand going out the night before Halloween. What fun is that?

  2. Uhm, is it weird that I Lurve the dress?

    I'm pretty sure (fashion wise) I should have been a 50's housewife...

  3. I like the dress even more now that it's blue. No more Steve Irwin wannabee. Hahaha.
    Nice job. Another Halloween for the record book.