Sunday, November 14

What's a Sunday without a little exercise?

Instead of waking up, having a cup of coffee, and some toast, then hitting the elliptical for a sweat session...I heart the unfortunate voice of the Neighborhood Chatty Kathy out my door.  There would be no avoiding the eventual conversation that would drag on despite wearing workout gear, running in place, and even a fake phone call.  Damn.  Well...I guess I'll clean the house then.  I wonder how many calories that burns?

But I did want to follow through on the Mrs.-I-eloped-at-the-Courthouse aka Mrs. Butters at Army Harmony belief that my blog is fabulous.  Mine?  Really?  Even with the mentioning of lesbian shoes, the dislike of showering, and sometimes inability to make a non-cussing blogpost?  Well howdy-do to you too.  Thanks Mrs. Butters.  It's fantastical.  And I, of course, love your blog too.  Seeing as I totally high-five'd you for eloping.

Here it is!

And in order to graciously accept this award without the ugly crying of Halle Berry for her Oscar, I have to answer a few questions.

1.) What is the one thing you treat yourself to...that you rarely do?
Pedicures.  They're a treat.  Mainly because I can paint my toenails and save the money for other things (I'm a penny pincher!)  But if you're 20 weeks pregnant and hating life, then I'll totally splurge with you.  I'm a friend like that.

2.) What book have you read that has opened your eyes or touched you deeply?
Hmmmmm....(looking at my reads for the year)...What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us.

I don't think there's been a better time to be a woman.  We're earning roughly 92% of what males in the same field make, we have female politicians, heads of countries, and (minus the slight irrationality that can come from PMS) can have a career, a baby via turkey baster, and get Heidi Montag-sized tatas courtesy of Visa.

But as a whole, we're not any happier than the 1950's repressed housewives who were only there to pump babies into the systems, get him his slippers and cocktail at 5pm, and not exude emotion ala The Hours with Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf.  So the thought is, what can we do to fix that?

3.) If you were reincarnated into an animal/drink/ice cream flavor, what would it be?
I would be the ice cream flavor Maple Nut from Umpqua creamery in Oregon.  I'd only be for sale at the run-down ice cream stand off I-5 in Rice Hill (mile marker 148).  I'd make your wildest summer dreams come true.  And make you a believer in Oregon's bounty.  And the beauty of a roadtrip in a beat-down 1980's blue Chrysler minivan that more times than one attempted to take your life because it had a personal vendetta against you since you hated it's stylish interior mini-blinds in the back seat.

4.) What celebrity do you ever get mistaken for?
None.  I'd love to be mistaken for Christina Hendricks...but no dice.

5.) Where's Waldo?
He's at the bar drowning his sorrows along with the rest of the Oregon State fan base since we failed (again) to provide an offense in our Saturday schedule.  We can build an amazing defensive line of big, strong Hawaiian boys.  But we just can't get a quarterback who'll find a receiver.  Or stay vertical.  OMG, they're chasing me...let's fall down!

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  1. The book you mentioned sounds really interesting... I'm going to add it to my list of must reads! Also, I see on your blog that you are going to do a Half Marathon in April and that it involves beer.... so now I'm thinking I need to look into this some-kind-of-amazing HM... please tell me more! I'm going to start training for another half that debuts in February. So it's also nice to see a fellow runner :)