Tuesday, November 16

"Let's Talk" Tuesday!

I was following a minivan the other day, going 5 under the speed limit.  Now I understand your reasons for picking a minivan to poot around town.  But...this is California, where the speed limit is over 13.5 mph.  So get your crap in gear, because whatever language you don't speak...numbers are universal.

In Vons this weekend I was approached by the local representative for the County Newspaper asking if I'd like this "amazing" deal where I spend $25 bucks getting 2 months worth of the paper and receive $20 in gift cards to Vons in exchange.  "No, no thank you.  We don't do newspapers."  So he then asks me what political stance that is.  (I didn't know by not reading a physical paper, I'm being political.)  "It's a waste of trees."  (Being of this generation, it's all about the dot-com newsfeed.)  He still tells me it's a ridiculous deal and the coupons alone would make up for it.  No, buddy, it would only increase my recycling (we don't need that - we're Oregonians, we make enough) and when's the last time there was a "Buy One, Get One Free" on broccoli???

The hours are turning sour thanks to the daylight savings business, and it's obvious that it's taking it's toll on my sanity.  Mainly because I feel the need for stew and stout.  And I don't have any stout.  And I haven't yet found the secret seller of microbrews.

Mr. Wookie's being held up a little tonight so I'm on dinner.  Tonight's menu: Meatball subs.

I called my parents earlier tonight.  They were at a bar.  Sounds like a revival to their 20's, when they used to bring my brother when he was a Wee One and let him sleep under the table.  They just don't have a young child anymore.  Unless they borrow Little Man.

I felt the need to share Little Man with you.  And this is the usually fawning over treatment he receives.  Like back in September when all us sisters were together to hang out with him.  That is until he pooped.  Because that hands him over faster than the carpool lane.

We desperately need a trek to Costco for supplies.  NavyGirl, we are out of Cheerios completely.  No hidden stash anywhere.  I've been subsisting on Banana Honey Bunches of Oats (Mr. Wookie bought me name-brand.  Yes, I'm spoiled.)  And pizza for lunch sounds delicious.  So do samples.  If only we could not pay that pesky sales tax.  It's obviously not helping since California is still in a hole.  Why couldn't Meg Whitman donate her campaign money instead.  Know how much that was?  Click here.  I'd have an illegal alien clean my house too so I could pinch those pennies!

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