Friday, November 26

Finally, the "holiday" in the way of Christmas has passed.

So I'll apologize for the lacking in blog action.  I've been lazy, slacking, and not really motivated to indulge in our lives right now.  Minus our trip to Oregon.  Because that rocked.  And there's still lots more to come.  So don't worry.  Just a slight glitch in your regular blog programming.

But just to inform the blogosphere, we did in fact "celebrate" the Giving of Thanks despite my lingering beliefs that we eff'd the Natives over with Small Pox blankets and other delightful anti-Martha Stewart welcoming wagons.  But whatevs.  I'll get over it.  Because I'm an American, and that's what we do. :)  (I feel the need to play "America, F*** Yeah!)

Yesterday was spent on the couch, watching football (as everyone should) and maybe a few hours of a Clean House marathon.  The only thing I didn't do was put on make-up (lazy).  But at least I showered and got dressed.  Sometimes I don't even do that!

For weeks prior to yesterday, I tried my hardest to convince Mr. Wookie that we should do anything but turkey.  Cornish game hens, pheasant, steak, lobster.  But that was met with, "No."  So turkey it is (I get so bored with turkey.  I grew up in a family where the same turkey dinner is had for every holiday.  I'm burnt out.).

So like any gourmet chef, Mr. Wookie took full reign of the kitchen.  It's so nice to have a boy who can cook such big meals.  He successfully coordinated last year's feast, which included such great additions of these people.  My job was ensuring the kitchen was clean to start with, and that leftovers were fridge'd after the fact.  Easy enough.  And it didn't even require a constant beverage in my hand.

The best I was able to do with turkey negotiations was to have a small bird.   Again, I grew up in a family where the biggest bird was purchased, cooked, and created enough leftovers to feed a Lithuanian village for a month.  I get very burned out on repeat leftovers.  So a small bird we found.  Well, small by 10 lbs.  So hopefully leftovers are over and done with in less than a week.  Because I can't think of any other leftovers other than soup, enchiladas, casserole, turkey salad, and sandwiches.  Because then I'm tryptophan'd out.

Take one small turkey, one Black Butte porter, some maple syrup, and rosemary and thyme.  Throw in the oven to make the place smell awesome.  Indulge in a Black Butte porter during cooking.  Stuff cavity with cornbread stuffing.  Feel the need to taste test everything because I was staving off hunger pains.

We even opened the real champagne we've been holding onto for a few years.  We hosted a fondue party back in college and it was our Thank You present.  And I got a tutorial in Opening Bubbly 101 (because when's the last time a girl actually opened a's totally a boy's job).

So once ready, we had a full table of food...for just 2 people.  Beer bread, cornbread stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, mac 'n cheese (how Southern!), green beans...with bacon (der!), and cranberry sauce.  And no placemats (I'm still looking for what I want).  But it was tasty!  (Thanks to him!)

Champagne review:  Eh, just okay.  Not worth the price tag.  I'll take Korbel any day.

And so now we're enjoying Black Friday from the comfort of our living room.  Mr. Wookie is playing videogames via his laptop while we watch reruns of Deadliest Catch.  And I"m also working on my Christmas list, because Mama Ging requires it.  I'm just a little behind (it was due yesterday, woops!).  But oh well, better late than never.

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  1. I love this! Your Thanksgiving looked much more entertaining than ours!