Saturday, November 13

Orange and Black vs. UCLA

Last weekend we went on a little roadtrip.  A roadtrip inland, to Pasadena, home of gorgeous mountains, overlooking the LA area, and Middle Sister's casa!  And maybe some tickets to the (f)UCLA vs. Oregon State football game.  Because what's fall and living in Southern California without some away-game action for the Beavs!

But obviously, if you don't live under a rock, you already know the outcome.  But come on, this is my blog so you KNOW entertaining times were had despite the at-the-last-second loss.  Let's not focus on our season being down the tube, let's focus on the fun!  Because win or lose, we still booze!

The first order of business was, "What to wear?"  Jersey, t-shirt, Beaver fleece, long-sleeved shirt, intergalactic spandex catsuit?  Bring 'em all and decide later!  So I did.

Upon arrival to the Middle Sister & Co. household, Mr. Wookie joined the other boys staged out in front of the TV while the please-have-your-uniforms-be-your-actual-school-colors Oregon Ducks smack the crap out of their opponent.

Then 2 long, lost Oregon State graduates grabbed my attention with an unexpected shoe-gasm.  OMG...I need a pair.  What have I been thinking this whole time???  My shoe wear doesn't entertain my collegiate needs.  I must change this.  Oh, Birkenstock...

The rightful shoe owners.  Complete with beverages.  Remember kids, please drink responsibly.  That means both hands on the bottle.  And no texting while intoxicated.  That just leads to your phone getting STDs.  And I don't think they have apps to cure that.

And once beverages succumbed their victims, one boy was brave enough to paint some nails.  While he's not looking at joining a Filipino-run nail business, he didn't do a bad job.  It just wasn't great either.  But props to Courtney for convincing him that he may have a future in the beauty industry.

Remember, always drink in pairs.  It's safer.  That way someone can refill your drink while you break the seal.  Or they can help clean up the mess should you miss your glass.

But we definitely don't judge for drinking alone.  Because one's all you need.

Come 3pm it was time to hoof it to the Rose Bowl.  But before we made the walk through the ghetto lower-income area, we decided to polish off the Crown.  Because we all needed one for the road...

Nice work ladies...

But before we made the walk, Middle Sister chapstick'd my lips.  Because I didn't have any chapstick.  And I was lazy.  Plus my lips hurt real bad.

Let's get ready to stumble rumble!!!

About this time, everything in our system was kicking in.  And so it got a little entertaining.  And continued so until maybe half-time.  It was good.  Middle Sister and Roommates were exceptional hosts.  Sorry we killed the Crown.  But here's to next time!   Or come over to our neck of the woods for a little surf and sand.  And, of course, beverages.

I really need to work on my self-photo faces...


It was about a mile and a half walk from Middle Sister's cute apartment to the Rose Bowl.

And who's going to mess with a gaggle of drunk rowdy Oregon State fans?

Mr. Wookie didn't get the memo on TPS cover reports for wearing orange...

And unfortunately for Middle Sister (left front) I wore the exact same shirt.  Twinsies!

And while the medical community doesn't advocate soccer footwork training routines while under the influence or on sidewalk curbs, no ankles/knees/livers were injured.

We obviously had to invade random Oregon State tailgating on our way...

Then high-five complete strangers also decked out in Beaver Gear...

That poor UCLA fan in the hat.  Sorry.  Sorry we're awesome.  Deal with it.

And in case you saw us on TV, here's where we were.  The Beaver Zone.  100% Orange.  Okay, maybe some black and white was mixed in.  But it was definitely awesome.

After our touchdown...

Nicole, aka Cole, Collee, Neeners, etc. and Middle Sister.

I do not remember this.

This picture is for my dad (the Sheriff).  Ever since we've had season tickets to Oregon State football (2002?), he's been KNOWN for high-fiving strangers in our section.  For years this embarrassed the crap out of Middle Sister and Baby Sister.  OMG dad, you don't even KNOW them!!!  And here's Middle Sister.  High-fiving a stranger.  Nice.

But fast forward to the end of the game.  The stupid referees decide there's .5 seconds left on the clock.  We were prepped for Overtime.  Instead UCLA's super shitty kicker actually boots a long-ass field goal to win.  We were very unhappy.  And sobered up.  And pissed because now we can't scrapbook the ticket.  We lost.  But I will say that the UCLA fans were very cordial.  No spitting, name-calling, or death threats.  Which is good, because we still had to walk back though the ghetto to get back to Middle Sister's.

Thank you to the Pasadena-Stationed Beaver Nation for hosting the Wookie & Co. crew for a day of delightful beverages, Orange and Black, and an unfortunate loss.  But we had fun and look forward to next year's away game schedule.  Thanks again!


  1. Seriously, Cali is doing you good. You looked gorgeous in every pic.
    You suck, biznatch.

    Love you

  2. Those are awesome pictures! Looks like you all had a TON of fun... I'm jealous!

  3. This reminds me of those great college days! How fun! My favorite comment is about the cell phone getting std's. Too funny!