Thursday, December 22

Christmas giving has begun!!

Disclaimer. Mr. Wookie was photog extraordinaire. Apologies for the blurriness. That and he didn't check the lens to realize it was on manual...#bloggerwannabefail

Tuesday night was delightful. My Christmas gift from Mommy McD hath arriveth at the household Wookious Naval Dictatorus. Our place. I literally blew her mind hole with these. Deemed an urban legend on Pinterest, I had her screeching like a baboon at a boot sale. Although via text it sounds like, "EEeeeeeeeeek." I forgot to address the label like "Mommy 'I love my hot black neighbor' McD" so she knew it was from me. Instead, she thought it was a gift for someone else and got shocked like a toddler sticking a fork in a light socket.

So when she told me to open her present, the favor was hers as I screeched so loud I damaged her dog's hearing. I.was.loud.

As I sat on the ground, the unearthing began into our classically styled hodge-podge presents. This is our style. We could easily make a theme...but something resembles a late-night Walmart shoplifting trip is much more entertaining...

"Neeeeedledick spatulas for eeeeeveryyooooooonnneee!!!" -My best Oprah impression

I'm obviously rockin' two new running headbands that boast, "Run now - wine later." There were needledick spatulas galore (these are the skinny ones that can make it into mayo jars, etc.). And a MICROPLANE!! She just failed to include band-aids because I know there'll be knuckle shavings into my first creations with this dangerous kitchen device.

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