Saturday, December 17

What's this about grandpa??

I really do love the blogging world. It's a great mash up of ladies with nothing better to do with their lives, their children have nannies, the Mrs. Wookies of the world have trust funds, and all I have to do is complain about BAH rates and I get told great information. Because when Mr. Wookie is on leave, there's no relay of information...he's busy growing his 'holiday beard.'

Grandfather?? You're not my grandfather! Are you?

Apparently we're cool. Apparently Uncle Sam has 'grandfather' capabilities to not completely deplete the vodka supply of our home. So apparently our BAH isn't dropping a dime. Or at least that's the word from my comments section. I'm stubborn, so I'll believe it when I see it.

That is a lot of mind hole to handle so early in the morning. It's early, but I'm up. Those darn Santa Ana winds woke me up as they molested my hammock. Clang, clang,'s like Casper's in the attic. But instead, he's rocking out on my hammock. Because when the Santa Ana winds aren't bitches, we can actually use it as we lounge in the tormenting December sun working on my freckles. So now I'm up, Mr. Wookie's still asleep, and I sent Sweet Pea in to keep him company....she'll just curl up with him on the bed. And I have a quiet house to myself. Muhahahaa....

You can tell we've never been stationed anywhere that's not had the standard COLA increase. Now I just feel bad for anyone checking into his station. "Welcome to California, you can't afford shit here now, so welcome to base housing. Yes, the mice are free of charge. You're welcome."


  1. If it makes you feel better, here's written proof:

    I promise if they take it away from you, you can fight it and get it back, but I've never heard of anyone getting it taken away during a BAH decrease because it's set in the system. I know people who have lived where we are since the early 2000s when it was REALLY high and they are STILL getting that rate!

    I hope it does ease your anxiety though.

  2. It's true. Your BAH will remain the same if the new rate is lower. Ours dropped last year, but still received the same amount. The only way it would change is if your husband got promoted. If E would have been promoted, we would have received less BAH with him being a major instead of a captain. Crazy, right?

  3. The rumors are true. You'll only lose BAH if you move to a station with a lower rate, or if you change ranks and get demoted. SOME bases let you keep BAH if you get promoted and the new rank is lower, but not all.

  4. Since my hubs is deployed.. I haven't even looked into BAH increases/decreases/changes. I don't know whether to feel this is a good or a bad thing. Hell, I don't even know where our BAH is set for.. Fort Meade in Maryland or where I'm at in Kansas City. Maryland OBVIOUSLY wins when it comes to the more money department but obviously we aren't there anymore. I kind of feel like I am disconnected from the military world though.. I haven't necessarily had to worry about changes in the mil since he's deployed... I should though.

    I fail.

    [[sorry if this message makes NO sense.. I'm at work. My focus is like zero-zilch.. lame.]]