Saturday, December 24

Merry Christmas Eve from us!

Today was rather torturous as the weather topped out at 75 degrees. If my hammock weren't in the shade, and the days weren't shorter than a Jersey Shore skirt, I'd totally be rockin' a Santa hat while asking for another mimosa. But instead, I'm tucked inside admiring the love and merriment from family as we celebrate across the miles - spanning relationships from Oregon, to Ohio, and North Carolina, to Arizona.

Tomorrow we'll connect via Skype to experience the mayhem of my side of the family. We take Christmas very seriously in our family. Gifts are to outnumber the girth of the tree. With my ever-growing family, the gifts only increase. Not that gifts are the meaning of the season. We show love in our abilities to give great items of need, surprises of desire, and a reminder that siblings stick together and will always annoy the bejeebez out of our parents with voice modulation.

Tonight there's still breakfast to prepare so it can sit overnight. And there's a cocktail to be had in anticipation for tomorrow. This week I've been ever excited to have Mr. Wookie open the great ideas I've put into fruition.

We both agree. Christmas Eve is a magical time. The anticipation for tomorrow overlooms the reality that Monday brings a dead tree strewn with beads, ornaments, and lights. Presents gone from beneath. There's still a twinkle in my heart that Santa will come and bring me the things of yesteryear that I wanted beneath my tree. But upon waking, the reality that I'm now responsible for making Mr. Wookie's Christmas dreams a reality.

I hope he's excited for tomorrow. I worked hard to make his dreams come true.

May your Christmas be special, spent with family, friends, or a loving webcam session with those afar. If you're on R&R, may the time pass slower than molasses. If you're amidst blizzard-like conditions, throw a snowball towards me. I could use it in my cocktail shaker.

From us to you, a blessed Christmas, a great rest of Hanukkah, and a prosperous New Year.