Saturday, December 3

Look what the Santa Anas blew in...

You may have heard from national news about the nasty winds that have been plaguing Southern California. If you haven't, here's the skinny...

Winds have been a bitch. A mega bitch. Poor Pasadena (home of Middle Sister's former digs, the Rose Bowl, and some mega homes like the one in Father of the Bride) was hit with 96 mph winds. WINDS! That shit is intense. Being 50+ miles from that place, in a cute little beach town with the touch of illegal immigrants because there are farms here have only dealt with the 30+ mph winds. So not as bad.

Until I swear the punk winds blew in the cold that everyone else has picked up. I woke up Friday morning feeling like an elephant was sitting on my face. My poor sinuses... clogged... full... painful to the thought. Ugh. Where's the drugs. Do I call into work? No, I can't not go into work. It's Friday - only bitches call out on Friday. Besides I've only been there a couple months, that'd look pretty sneaky if you just don't show up on a Friday. So I trudge my ass into work. Sniffles and face o' pain...I worked a full day because I'm.not.a.bitch.

Turns out there were a few others in different departments that were feeling the ill also. Good. That means I'm not alone. I ventured over to Vons on my lunch break to stock my desk with a massive supply of Emergen-C, Clif bars (I get hungry at work - nothing to do with illnesses), and some oatmeal packets that had been recommended to me as "100 times better than Quaker." Okay, as a sucker for a 10am snack break - I'll try them out.

So today I'm just trying to continue my deluge of heavy natural medications and Dayquil. Because when the elderberry and Vitamin C can't make my face stop running like a gay man in a drag parade, Dayquil can.

Thanks to 10 hours of sleep, my standard 8-week hair trim appointment, and a solo hour in Target before the onslaught of stroller mafias hit, today has me enjoying the first Saturday of the holiday season. Now if only I can survive the Bail that's occuring tonight. I might need to hold off on the Dayquil for a few hours. Or maybe I shouldn't...


  1. Going to a bail means a double dose of Dayquil

  2. You should try airborne. Just the water disloving tablets! They're awesome.

    Word verification: canes. They're telling us we're old.

  3. Oh blah blogger ate my comment. Not cool. Not cool. But basically I said I hope you feel better and I was in fact a giant bitch this week and called into work one day... oops. Haha

  4. Ick. Hope you feel better! I've been sneezing a lot lately, so I'm hoping the winds didn't make it to Illinois. :)