Friday, December 30

Mother Nature brings the beauty.

"Are you going to be home soon?"
"Yeah. I'm about to leave work soon."
"So you're not going to be home soon. There's a crazy sunset AND YOU HAVE MY CAMERA!"
"Oh, okay....well let me go and I can see what I can do."

The orange danced with the crisp blue sky as the particles mimicked a Caribbean ocean with touches of peach and bronze. I tried my hardest to pay attention to the traffic in front of me but I was bedazzled. This was gorgeous. Sometimes the Big Man Upstairs chooses the random days to make your heart skip a beat, double back, then double beat. And sometimes Mr. Wookie brings the Hawkeye Country hangar love. ::sigh::

I can't wait until the sunsets start getting later and later so I don't have to fight my way through traffic while staring at the sky's delights. I can only imagine the love I'll have this year between camera, tripod, and wireless remote. Oh, and maybe a Pooch. She really doesn't get enough attention.